Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gearing Up for Training

Yesterday I got my 5-miler I had planned in at the park after work. Even though it was ridiculously hot (aka 89°), I managed to keep around a 9:48 pace. This isn't as fast as I would like to be by any means, but I think it's still a pretty decent pace considering the heat, humidity and the fact that I really haven't been running a ton of mileage just yet.

I have to admit something. I have a tendency to be kind of hard on myself. I am definitely a perfectionist, even though as I've gotten older I've become more comfortable with just being sure to do MY best instead of being sure that what I do is perfect.

As I was running yesterday, I couldn't help but feel a little frustrated with myself. I'm nowhere near the kind of shape I'd like to be in before starting marathon training in 2 weeks. I really wanted to be confidently running the half-marathon distance before then, and at this point I haven't even hit the 10-mile distance yet.

I know I shouldn't be beating myself up over this. I am going to be running 2 10-milers before my training plan starts... and the first long run on it is 10 miles. I am running at a really good pace all things considered. Sure, it's not fast enough to run a 4:00 marathon, but there's no reason to be worried about pace right now. And the 4:00 marathon is my lofty goal... my realistic goal is to just get a new PR... anything better than 4:31:23 will do.

I just have to remind myself that I was playing it safe and smart the past few months. I needed to take it easy and be sure I didn't overdo it as I was getting back into shape.

The thing is, I am in really good shape right now. Maybe I could have been better, but I don't know that I could have done anything to be in substantially better shape for this marathon training cycle aside from completing a marathon training cycle beforehand.. and that wasn't possible this time.

I'm trying to be realistic about what this training cycle is going to be like for me. I'm trying to remind myself that even if this marathon isn't a 4:00 marathon, I am going to have plenty of other opportunities after it to try again. No matter what, running the Chicago marathon is going to be AWESOME.

So... here's to not worrying and not being hard myself. And here's to knowing that I'm about to start training for another marathon and the whole 16-weeks from the first run through the marathon finish line is going to rock.

Bring it.


Sharneysrun said...

You are doing awesome! You have been so smart with your training and as a result, I just KNOW you will do great in Chicago :-)

Nicole said...

You are doing wonderful. You've been through a lot the past couple months. You'll get in your groove. Remember, marathon training is to train. So dont worry about it! I havent ran anything more than 9 since my half marathon at the beginning of may. Everything will workout and chicago will be AWESOME! I can't freakin wait to meet you either!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Niki said...

You are doing GREAT!! I am hard on myself too, but as long as you are doing your best than that's all that matters! Keep up the hard work girl!!

J said...

You are doing great! give yourself some may not be where you planned but you are running and getting workouts in!

The Northerner said...

You are doing great!

aron said...

girl you are going to do awesome! you are right where you need to be and have taken your time to make sure you are healthy and healed... that is definitely the way to go. this is going to be a wonderful marathon for you, and a really significant one being the first one back after a huge injury. just take your time, enjoy the training and get to the marathon ready to rock it! you will get the 4:00 marathon, even if its not chicago, there are PLENTY of other races :)