Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The little aches and pains...

If it's not one thing, it's another.

My body is determined to not let me have peace about my running.

I ran a terrific 5-miler last night. I had gone to dinner with my family and talked them all into coming to the park with me. Mom, dad and sister set out on a walk as I took off running. It wasn't terribly hot, but there was a lot of humidy and that post-thunderstorm mugginess that has you sweating before you even reach the quarter-mile mark. But I felt great!

Mile one. 8:56. 8:56! What the heck is that 8 doing in there?
Mile two. 18:10. Ok, a 9:08ish mile. That makes a bit more sense, but dang I'm fast tonight.
Mile three. 27:36. Ok, good. Slowing down to a more normal 9:20ish pace.
Mile four. 36:15. I'm consistently staying around the 9-minute mark. What is my deal?
Mile five. 44:57. WHAT?! I just ran an 8:30 last mile? Impossible. But true.

I was tired. I was breathing heavy. But I was proud that I was about to run a 45-minute 5-miler. It's been a while since I've done that. Could I maintain that pace much longer right now? I don't think so, and I don't think it's smart to try just yet. But still, I was pleased.

I went home and rolled out the ITbands a bit with my foam roller. They continue to protest a bit about all the running, but it's nothing terrible. I followed this up with the Bundt Cake Sundae at Sonic. Sure I ate back everything I burned and probably more, but it's summer! And it's Sonic! And they only have these for a limited time!

Today I'm feeling some aches that I'm not happy about in my left leg. Keep in mind this is the leg where I had the cracked femur neck and that I couldn't walk on for most of December and part of January. I can never tell if that leg just hasn't gotten its strength back or if I'm making up phantom pains. But for now, my ITband feels weird on that leg. The muscles in my thigh around where I felt the fracture pain feel funny. And my ankle has an odd ache. None of it is painful. None of it bothers me during the runs. So I know I don't need to be worried.

But still, it's soooo hard after what happened to not freak out a bit over these things. I keep trying to remind myself that I KNEW when something was wrong last year. I also keep reminding myself I have NO reason to worry. My injury healed. And I've been taking it super slow as I started running again. And I've been taking in calcium that I need daily for months now to make sure it never happens again.

It's bound to just be that as I've started increasing mileage, my left leg is protesting a bit since it lost some strength. Maybe it really just hasn't built it all bakc up yet.

But man I'm ready for it to catch up. I hate this nervous feeling when something on that leg aches, especially when it's a muscle around where I felt the pain last time. I was warned that this would happen and that it's normal. But still.... it needs to cut it out. I'm about to start doing a lot of running for my marathon training!

I decided that I'll just take it easy this week since I've got the 10-mile race on Saturday. No, I'm not really running all out like I'd like to be, but it's still a race. Not to mention, it's the first race I'm running this year. I haven't run a race in over 6 months! So even though I won't be getting a new PR, I'd still like to do well. So I'm going to do a light run tomorrow and call it a week so that I'm not worn out before the race and so these little aches have time to go the freak away!

Ok, thanks for letting me vent all of this. By the way, I wrote an exceptionally funny blog post in my head last night as I was falling asleep. I couldn't wait to write it and post. And now I can't remember anything about it that made it so funny. Grrrr.


Sharneysrun said...

Oh man, do I EVER know that nervous feeling you're talking about. I've battled it from the first day I ran coming back from my fracture. Now, of course, I am on the sidelines again, but I think that I will always run with that fear for the rest of my running days.
You are doing all the right things and aches and pains are to be expected after being sidelined for several months. Btw, you said that your calcium was low? Were you diagnosed with osteopenia? It has been a week now since my dexa scan and I am STILL waiting for my doctor to call me with the results!! I called again today and the receptionist told me she would get the message to him again. I would just wait until I see him again, but my appointment isn't until July 16th. Very frustrating! Anyway, you ROCK!! Your 5 miler was awesome and you are going to hit that marathon PR this year :-)

d.a.r. said...

I still have those phantom pains from my big knee surgery, and that was...almost 5 years ago now!! I think a lot of it is just the muscles and tissues getting used to working again, and a lot of it is hypochondria for me :)

I hope it works out for you and it stops hurting....way to go on the 5 miler, that is awesome!!

Niki said...

Wow! Look how fast you are!! Great job:) My ankle still feels "weird" everytime I run. It can get really sore too especially after soccer games but nothing like it was when I tore it. I think it just takes a WHILE for your muscles to get back to where they were before your injury.

J said...

Take it easy girlie! give that leg a rest! Great job on the 5 miler though, you are definitely getting faster!

aron said...

hang in there girlie... you are definitely just still building and heeling from your injury. just give it time and dont stress. have fun at your race on sunday!

Nicole said...

have fun at your race on sunday! and remember, your going to EUROPE for 2 weeks. you can 'rest' while your out there!!! eeek!!!

Rachel H. said...

I think people have this nervous feeling about all kinds of things...I know that even though I know that I'm okay that I feel concerned and worried about the possibility of losing my baby. It's just the way things go sometimes, I guess. I will have phantom craps or pains, and I'll be sure that I'm having a problem. Anyways, good luck with your upcoming run!

Caroline said...

Oh wow! Hang in there sweetie! I know all too well what you are going through as a former competitive swimmer! The aches, pains and fatigue you feel with such determination to get right back in there. It can be nerve-wracking and exhilarating all at once. I highly suggest you try Topricin's pain cream. Oh is the best for every little ache and of all, it is natural and safe. Can't say that I like taking oral pain meds much...ugh. So, keep being an inspiration to all of us athletes, former athletes and everyone else who strives for excellence like you!! WOO HOO!