Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Melanie's Chicago Marathon Training Plan

If anyone is curious about what I'll be doing for the next 16 weeks as I train for the Chicago marathon, you can view my training plan here.

This plan is mostly from the book Run Less, Run Faster (the FIRST plan).  When I got my marathon PR in Huntsville in 2007, I did it after using a very similar plan that had me running 3 days a week.  I really think my body operates best when I run 3 days as opposed to 4 or 5.  That's just me.

I altered a few things from the plan in the book.  Mostly, there were things that I knew from my previous four training cycles that didn't suit me... so I changed them to something I knew would work better.

Of course, I won't be following the first 2 weeks quite as closely as I'd like since I'll be in EUROPE!  I will definitely get the two long runs in, but the other runs will be substituted with a TON of walking.  I'll pick up with week 3 when I get home and hopefully won't find that missing those four workouts will hurt me.

I'm also going to make a point to try to get to one spin class a week, one yoga class a week (or pilates), and do some strength training once a week.

Oh... you're not misreading.  I'm running a half-marathon 8 days before the marathon.  Don't freak out.  My training plan called for 10 miles at marathon pace on that day.  That day is also the day of one of my favorite half-marathons that I have run every year they've had it. I don't feel like I can miss it.  So, I will MAKE myself use the first 3 miles as a very gentle and easy warm-up before I run the last 10 miles at race pace like the plan called for.  I'll probably cut a couple of miles somewhere along the way those last 2 weeks as well.

So there you have it... this will be a big part of my life for the next four months.  I can already tell it's going to be worth it.


Amy said...

I know a lot of people who've had great success with the FIRST plan.

I ran a 10 mile race the week before the Chickamauga last year and I actually think it's a good idea to race the weekend before... it kind of eases your mind during that crazy taper period and works out any kinks. Also, it gives you a good idea of what race pace is supposed to feel like... in a race!

Niki said...

The plan looks great!! I was thinking about running the Murfreesboro half too! Just gotta wait to see if I will have class on Sat or not.

Rachel H. said...

Great plan! After this baby comes, it's my goal to really do it! No wedding to plan, no nothing, and I'll need to get back into shape! :)

littlesack said...

good for you girl!!!! and enjoy Europe!!!

Nicole said...

So excited to be training with you! I've already warned my family & Brian that marathon training is TOP priority for the next 4 months. haha! Thankfully, they all support me :)

Amanda said...

I really think that 3-4 days a week of running is better for a lot of people, me included. Consistently running 4-5 days/week seems to leave me injured and burned out. Good luck with your training!

Stephanie said...

Chicago Marathon! Whooooo! I can't wait to spectate at my first marathon! I'm going to have a giant, inflatable sign that says GOOOOOO MELANIE!

Okay, maybe not an inflatable sign. But first round of water at the finish line is on me.