Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Week til Europe

I am not a morning person. I have known this for years. So I don't know why I keep thinking I'll actually get up and go run in the morning. Once again, it didn't happen.

Maybe once I get back from Europe and am no longer in "vacation mode" it'll be easier. Or it'll just be hotter, and I'll know when the alarm goes off that if I don't go do it then it means I'll be running in a far worse sauna later in the day.

But it's not to that point yet, so I'll be heading to the park later this evening for a 5-miler. I called my sister to see if she wanted to come do some walking while I'm out there. Her response?

"Mel, have yout looked outside?" Sure, it's black as night because of all the thunderstorm and tornado warnings right now, but I imagine that'll be gone before 6:30 tonight.

So here's to getting a run in. I haven't yet, but I will. And then I'll probably come home and eat 2 cupcakes and negate any calories I burned. Good thing I run to train for marathons and not to lose weight.

Last night, I did most of my packing for Europe. I can't believe that a week from RIGHT NOW I'll be on a plane to Europe. Actually, I'll be on a place to New York. THEN I'll get on a place to Europe. (Stupid Nashville International Airport not actually flying international. Haven't figured that one out yet.)

I know it seems a little silly to pack a week in advance, but I like to be prepared. Plus, this way I can make sure I don't wear anything this week I want to take. And figure out if I need to go buy anything. I didn't really pack yet. I just put everything on my kitchen table and made a note of the final things to add (toothbrush, razor, etc.) when I put everything in the bag before I go.

I got a very exciting call from my travel buddy today. I planned our lodging in Ireland, and he's planned it for England. Turns out that one of his friends that we're staying with offered to take us to her parent's house in Sussex on our last day, show us around, stay there, and then drive us to the airport to come home that Monday. Yay fun!


J said...

I can't beleive its only a week away. Crazy, so exciting! I always like to get everything out a week a head of time to make sure i have everything!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Oooh , have fun in Europe!

Playful Professional said...

Ooh I'm so jealous! I want to go back but at least I can read all of your blog posts after and relive the experience :)

Nicole said...

OMG! a week away? time is literally flying!!! i'm so excited and happy for you! your going to have an AMAZING time! i need to get to your post.. hopefully i'll have time to whip something up in the next few days!!!

i'm terrible at morning runs too.. i've been trying to be better so maybe we can plan runs at the same time and both know that the other is running, then feel guilty. were on the same time right? lol :) happy tuesday, well almost wednesday now haha!

Amanda said...

Have so much fun on your trip!!

Rachel H. said...

It'll be here so soon! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Amy said...

Wow. One week, huh??? Hopefully this week flies by for you.

I'm the same way about packing in advance. I actually find that I usually pack WAY smarter when I start early. I always, always overpack when I'm rushed. But when I pre-pack, I plan outfits better and wind up actually leaving some clothes and shoes at home, instead of taking them all with me.

Plus, I hate packing... so it helps to do it a little bit at a time, for me.

See you Saturday!