Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Wow, thanks everyone for all your kind and encouraging words yesterday. I certainly wasn't fishing for that, but at the same time I really appreciate it. Sometimes I need someone else to look me in the eye (so to speak) and remind me that I'm spot on with what I need to be doing right now.

So, if you're keeping tabs on me, I leave for Europe in less than 2 weeks! I've got a good little list of things I need to take care of in addition to packing, but I've managed to already cross a few things off. I've gotten housesitters and catsitters, so I was kind of thinking that maybe I should get some blogsitters.

With that said, if you have any desire to write up a guest post for me to use while I'm gone so that there will be more than the sound of crickets chirping here in marathon Melanie land, that'd be awesome! If you know my email, feel free to email something directly to me and I'll schedule it to post. If you don't know my email but would like to guest post, leave me a comment on here and I'll be in touch. I'd need all posts before Sunday June 21st so that I have time to copy and paste them in here.

Last night, my sister and I joined our parents at Outback to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary. We don't usually eat there, but we had a gift card. I ate a fairly healthy meal of grilled chicken and rice.... after consuming a very large portion of a bloomin' onion and at least a loaf of their yummy bread. But hey, special occasion, right? And I did kill myself with Level 2 of the Shred DVD beforehand.

I finished working it off (or at least part of it off) this morning. Here's the thing folks: I am not a morning person. I love the night. I love staying up late and getting things done and watching Jimmy Fallon (did anyone see Zach Morris on there earlier this week?) Even though I've had my mornings off work for a month now, this was only the second time I managed to get a workout done before work. It's just not really my time of day.

However, I had to be a the doctor's office by 8:30. I know we all love that annual visit to the lady doctor, yes? I really don't mind the visit... but I really don't enjoy the whole "going to the doctor" experience. I do my part and arrive 5 minutes early, but it's still 30 minutes after my appointment time when I'm called back. I just don't understand how you are 30 minutes behind first thing in the morning.

Nonetheless, I kept my cool. Fortunately, they didn't keep me sitting in the paper gown for more than 2 minutes. Even though I know the doctor has probably seen worse, I had to apologize to her that I hadn't shaved my legs. I would normally never go to the doctor without shaving them, but I explained I'm getting them waxed next week before going on vacation. She didn't mind, and then this led to us having a nice conversation about Europe while she got all up in my business.

With that out of the way and a thunderstorm brewing, I headed home to eat a quick snack. I was super tempted to crawl back in bed with my kitty cat and watch Regis and Kelly while the storm raged on outside, but in true Tennessee form ALL channels were overtaken by the weather crew. I tell ya... I understand coming on tv for hours at a time when there are tornados. But a thunderstorm? Send the little scrolling banner across the bottom and tell us there's a thunderstorm just in case we're too dumb to notice when we look out the window and leave us to our regularly scheduled programming.

So with no other excused, I donned my running shorts (yes, hairy legs and all... After 3+ years at my gym and never being hit on there, I felt confident I wouldn't be scaring off any potential gentlemen suitors today. And hey, I'm going to Europe. So whateve.). I got to the gym and found that apparently a lot of other people have nothing better to do at 10am on a Thursday during a thunderstorm. Don't other people work? Haha.

I got a nice little speed workout of 8x400m in, so by the end I had run 4 miles in 41 minutes once you factored in the warm-up, walking in between intervals, and a quick cooldown. My shins still feel a little achy, but it's nothing terrible. I have a dull ache in my left hip. It's hard to not freak out when that happens. I KNOW that injury has long sing healed and more than likely the ache is just a sore muscle, but it still causes a little fear to rise up. I find myself stretching different ways trying to assess where I feel the ache so that I can tell myself it's just sore. No sharp pains, so I'm thinking it's just my hip still getting back into pre-injury shape.

Did anyone watch the first performances on So You Think You Can Dance last night? Awesome... I can't wait to tune in tonight. I haven't developed any favorites yet, but I'm sure I will in time. I was super pumped to hear about the Step Up 3 film that's being made.

Wow, this post is all over the place. It's kind of how I feel today. I have a ton to do in the next week or so between packing and planning and running and racing (next Saturday!) and work and having some fun. Looks like this summer is shaping up to be a good one. I hope so anyways!

PS - I WILL catch up on the 300+ posts on Google Reader before I leave. But then I'll disappear for 2 weeks and probably come back to 1000+ posts to slowly but surely catch up on. I'm still out here reading, even if I'm not commenting as much. You all rock!


Niki said...

Mmmm, the Outback bread is amazing!! Good job on getting to the gym!!

Sharneysrun said...

How exciting that your European getaway is almost here!!!!! You will have an absolutely wonderful time :-)

On another note, I had my dexa scan yesterday. I am going to call the doctor's office tomorrow to see if the results are in...I'm nervous. Keeping my fingers crossed :-)

Nicole said...

I love the blooming onion from outback. TOTALLY bad for you but TOTALLY heaven!

I'll do a guest post for you! How fun and what a neat idea! :) I dont have a clue at what to say but it does sound fun.

I'm SOO excited to see pictures from Eurpoe! Please take TONS so i can see them!!!

Great job on the running!! Sooo excited to meet you in Chicago! YAY

Sarah said...

I'm so excited for you to go to Ireland - I can't wait to read all about it.

Rachel H. said...

I'm so excited for you that you get to go away and travel! I'm jealous! I won't be going anywhere anytime soon. :(

littlesack said...

b/c of my school schedule, I'm often at the gym at 2:00. and...there are a TON of people there. I always ask myself why these people aren't at work?

Amanda said...

I love Outback, so good! It's always a good feeling to get the annual girl-doctor visit over with.