Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Doing Things Differently

In the past two days, I've done two things that I don't usually do.  I did a brick workout, and I ran two days in a row.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to ease the legs back into things since they'd been a little sore after Sunday's long run.  However, I still wanted to make sure I made the workout count.  So I hopped on the bike for 30 minutes and covered about 9.6 miles.  Then, I hopped on the treadmill for an easy peasy 3-miler in 30 minutes.  It felt really great without really wearing my legs out all over again.

I had intended to get up this morning for my tempo run, but when I saw it was pouring down rain I let myself curl back up in bed.  Don't worry - I still got the run in.  I just did it after work.

Last week I ran a 6-miler in 98 degrees.  It was sunny, humid and hot.  And it took me an hour?

Today? 73 degrees.  Cloudy.  Lightly raining off and on.  Same 6 miles in 54:56.

I was a happy girl.  The legs felt great, even after the workout yesterday.  I very rarely run two days in a row, but since yesterday wasn't very intense it didn't seem to bother me.  I was pleased to be able to do a tempo run as opposed to just hanging on for the miles like I had to do in the heat last week.  I took the first 2 miles easy, hit 9:00 minute miles for the next 3 and then finished with an easy mile.  I was super stoked to be able to hit it like the plan called for.

These are the kinds of runs that remind me why I love running.  It felt great.  I loved the light rain.  I loved the clouds.  I loved daydreaming about what it will feel like to cross the finish line in freaking Chicago!  I didn't even care that my headphones died on me at mile 3 (it's ok, they were only $25 and have been used a LOT in the past year or so that I've had them.  I just need to remember to pick up a new pair at Target!)  I realized though that part of why I like running with music is so that I don't have to hear myself breathe!

I'm taking it easy the rest of the week since I am running a 5K on Saturday and a 10-mile training run on Sunday.  I won't be blowing away the competition at the 5K... I am so not in shape for a speedy one.  Still, it should be fun since it's followed by the annual Nashville Striders picnic!


KAT said...

Ugh, heat slows me down too! Especially the humidity :(
Glad to see your running is goingg grrreat, and good luck with yo raceee!

B.o.B. said...

I too love a great run. Good luck on your 5K and 10 mile runs.

cNicRun said...

Its crazy how the heat can really affect your running. I ran 4 miles the other day in like 36ish minutes. Last night when it was raining and cool i ran it in 32! Thats INSANE! Please please please be cool for the marathon!!!! :)

Niki said...

The heat really does affect running!! Great job on the tempo run!! I too like to wear headphones so I don't have to hear myself breathe! It throws me off for some reason if I can hear myself huffing and puffing! Ha!

Rachel H. said...

I can't wait to get back into running! It's such a good way to cool off and let your thoughts off!

aron said...

yay great job girl!! you are doing awesmoe :) good luck at the 5k!