Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sequins, Glitter and Pirouettes, Oh My!

I think I've mentioned a time or two that I used to dance, so it should come as no surprise that I LOVE watching So You Think You Can Dance each week.

I've never professed to be even half as good as the dancers that make it into the top 20 on this show, but after dancing for 16 years and loving almost every minute of it I find that I am drawn into this show like it's hypnotizing me.  I can't do anything else during the moments they are actually dancing. (It's a different story during the rest of the show.  I can happily work on my scrapbook while the judges go on and on saying things I often don't agree with...)

I have to say it even though I know some of you other SYTYCD fans out there might disagree - I'm rooting for Jeanine and Evan.  In that order.  I didn't necessarily say I was voting.  I can't bring myself to sit here for hours after the show dialing the numbers over and over.

I am basing my opinion about these two not strictly from tonight's performances (though I think Jeanine definitely had the best solo), but rather from what I've seen during the entire show.  They both just have the kind of personality that I like in a performer, and my reason for liking Jeanine best is because she does everything and looks amazing doing it!  Most of my favorite dances have involved her including that awesome one she did with Jason week before last and the hip hop with the chain around her leg attached to Phillip's leg.  And she was on fire tonight!

I get the feeling that the judges are pushing for Kayla.  I like Kayla, but there's something about her that also annoys me.  She's good and so is Melissa, but I just find myself being drawn to Jeanine.

I like the other guys, too.  They're incredibly talented dancers.  But I'm drawn to spunk and personality in male dancers, not just strength and acrobatics.  I think some of the dances that Evan did with Randy were totally awesome.

I always reminisce a bit about my dancing days when I watch this show each summer.  It's certainly not something I have the opportunity to do anymore, and I definitely spend more time running each week than I ever spent dancing each week.  (Though I probably was a better dancer than I am runner if I had to guess.)  But still... I can't help but remember some of the awesome dances I was part of in some of my recitals.  Some I liked better than others, sure... but it was always fun to perform on stage each year.

I've included a few pictures.  They're certainly not the best of all my dancing pictures and not really the ones I'd show if I wanted to show a few from those years, but they're the only ones I've got scanned into my computer (I quit dancing a few years before digital cameras became common).  I thought it'd be a nice change of photo scenery around here as opposed to all the running photos.

Mom didn't quite get me framed in this one just right, but this was in one of my favorite pointe dances that I ever got to do.  It was even choreographed by this awesome woman who'd once danced with the Boston Ballet Company.

I am not a hip hop dancer, but we all tried this one year.  For a white girl, I did ok.  I'm the one that is in the center wearing the black midriff with white stripes.

This was actually when my sorority and another fraternity competed in our school's Fight Song competition during Homecoming.  I'm in the very front right with a kind of funny face.  I LOVED being part of this performance.


db said...

Jeanine is awesome YES! I really hope she wins. And as for Kayla, she's okay. She just doesn't excite me when I watch her dance, although her dance with Brandon last night was pretty awesome. Melissa... UGH. BOR-ING. She just bores me out of my mind. And Evan can dance, but I don't think he's as well-rounded as the others. I think Brandon is pretty freaking awesome for dancing in his underwear last night. I think for me, it's definitely Jeanine and then Brandon. I thought Evan should go before Jason, though!! For reals. Can't wait for the results tonight! Woot.

Playful Professional said...

The don't particularly like Jeanine. I think her dancing is great, but I think sometimes she tries to push the I'm sexy thing too much, and it gets to me. I actually don't have any big preference for one person or another, not like last year.

Carlee said...

great pics! thanks for sharing!

aron said...

omgosh i love these pics!! i always wished i was a dancer :)

cNicRun said...

OMG! That's amazing! I always wanted to be a dancer! I did gymnastics for 8 years when i was little! I wish i would have kept with it! You look great!