Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tidying Up

With all of my vacation posts made, I thought I should tie up some loose ends and tidy things up around here before we get back to Melanie's real life.

On Blog Writing: I realized yesterday's post was my 500th post. Wow! And I totally missed it! I can't believe I've had that much to say. This blogging thing has become a really happy part of my life, and I'm so glad to be sharing the joy with you all.

On Blog Reading: I FINALLY caught up on my Google Reader. I'm sorry for not making a ton of comments, but if I had tried to comment as I read all 800+ posts then I'd still only be halfway done. I assure you that I enjoyed reading and catching up on all of your lives!

On my Vacation Pictures: I realize I only posted a handful of pictures from my trip. I took like 800. I narrowed those down to 300 or so to post on Facebook. If you're friends with me, you can check them out there. If you're not, then you can view the albums here, here, and here. I got some gorgeous shots, so it might be worth taking 10 minutes to flip through if you like seeing pictures of Ireland and England.

On Cleaning: I totally cleaned my house from top to bottom this weekend. I didn't have a lot going on, and it was a bit overdue. I did ALL my laundry, ALL my ironing, put clean sheets on ALL the beds (3!) and vacuumed, Swiffered, dusted and scrubbed everything down really well. It feels great to have a clean house. I might have a party now to celebrate!

On Running: Week 4 of marathon training ended well with a 14-mile run on Sunday morning. This was my first time to run 14 in quite a while, so I was a tiny bit nervous about how it would go.

We had some crazy cool weather Sunday morning. We're talking we've been having record low's the past few days. It's insane. It feels like October in the mornings instead of July. I'm not complaining.

I went to one of the Nashville Striders group training runs. This was my first time to attend one, and I will definitely be going to more of them this fall! There were like 50-60 people there. I ended up running with 3 others including Amy and Matt. I was feeling pretty good, and I know this was aided by the beautiful weather we were having.

I've never run in downtown Nashville on a Sunday morning. It was almost eerie how still and quiet it was out! Nonetheless, it was a gorgoeus morning, it's true that you really do get a different view of the city when you're running it instead of driving.

I had to hang on for dear life the last 2 miles or so. My body definitely knew that I hadn't run this far yet and it was letting me know it. I know that if I were running by myself I probably would have slowed down or taken an extra walk break (or two), but it was nice listening to other people talk, and I didn't want to be the big sissy who had to walk a mile from the finish.

In the end, we ran 14 miles in about 2:18... and that included stopping 4 times for water at the water stops. I would guess we spent 2-3 minutes of the total time stopped at a water station, so all in all I think we had an excellent time.

I had some soreness in one of my calves all day after the run and yesterday, but that seems to be gone today. My ankle has been bothering me a bit, but I'm not too concerned right now. My left ankle has always given me some issues here and there ever since my ballet days. There may be something wrong, I don't know, but it hasn't ever really stood in the way. It just randomly gets really sore. It's feeling a little better today, and I'm hoping that the cycling and short little easy run I have planned today won't irritate it further.

I'm taking it kind of easy this week since I built up the mileage a bit last week. Plus, I'm running a local 5K on Saturday. I have no ambitions of running it super fast or anything, but I'd like to post a reasonable time for a 5K in July (it's supposed to be back to it's normal hot and humid self by Saturday). My long run this week will just be a 10-miler on Sunday since I'm running the 5K Saturday.

I'm getting excited. So far, I haven't really felt like I'm training yet. I know this will change quickly as I started posting higher mileage, but for now I'm feeling good. Mildly annoyed tha I've already had some aches and sore muscles, but good.

I also finally feel settled back into my normal life. I'm caught up on everything I got behind on while on vacation. Time to figure out what I want to do for fun next. :)


cNicRun said...

Great job with your 14 miler girl!!!! what a good job! I ran my 14 miler last weekend in 2:20. We may be able to run together after all! :)

The Northerner said...

That is a lot of pictures, but they are great! There was an article on MSN yesterday about the Blarney Stone, and I thought of you!

aron said...

i bet it feels good to be caught up :) i was VERY behind on my reader too but am getting there now!

awesome job on the 14!!