Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trying Something New

I think I'm going to add something new to the mix of my training next week.

There's this new class at the gym called Duathlon Training.  One day a week they swim and then do a 3 mile run.  Another day of the week they run 3 miles and then bike for 30 minutes.

I've been doing good the past few weeks about doing some biking (on the stationary ones at the gym either on my own or in a spin class) on some of my non-running days, but I can't get myself in the pool on my own.  I'd love to do some swimming so that I can 1) get some good cross training in and 2) get better at swimming laps in case I ever do really want to try a triathlon.  I feel like it'd be easier to get myself swimming if I was doing it with a group in a class setting.

The only thing hanging me up is the running part.  I know I can handle the run, but what I don't know is if adding those miles on top of my regular training schedule is smart.  If I go to both classes each week, that's an extra 6 miles per week.  I am trying to be super careful about not overtraining, but at the same time I know that plenty of people add junk miles into their marathon training.  These would certainly be junk miles for me and not my quality run.  Or I could try to make those runs part of my regular runs by just running the rest of the workout I need to do after the class, but is that really the smartest thing to do.

What do y'all think?  Should I do it?  Should I worry about those miles?  Or should I see if I can just join the swimming and biking parts and skip the runs since I'm already doing runs on other days?


Niki said...

1. I think that class sounds awesome!! I would LOVE to find something like that around here.

2. I say try it out and see how you feel. 6 miles isn't that many more miles in the grand scheme of things. If you start feeling more tired or sore then back off the class or the running protion of the class. Never hurts to try it out!!

db said...

For some reason, I really love the phrase "junk miles." It resonates with me. Go figure!

Running and living said...

SO, you would be running 5 days a week instead of 3. How about doing only the swim run classes (since you don'd have a hard time doing the biking on your own)? That way, you'll swim and than you will probably be fine if you run v slow (check McMillian calculator for recovery paces based on your planned marathon pace - they are about 2 minutes slower than MP). Ana-Maria

J said...

Do the dauthlon class that would be awesome. That way it will get you swimming and running and I know for a fact that swimming is a great cross training workout for runners!

cNicRun said...

The class sounds awesome-- too bad there is nothing like that around here!

I say go for it-- life is too short to not try new things! Let me know how it goes!