Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Word on Running

With this being a running blog most of the time, I thought I should interrupt the vacation posts and share a bit about running.

Today I did something really stupid. I ran 6 miles (that wasn't the stupid part - it was on my training schedule). Outside. At 3:15pm. With a heat index of 98 degrees (the actual temperature it felt like, not the boy band).

It didn't seem so stupid at first. It didn't really feel that terrible when I walked outside, and I just couldn't bring myself to go run 6 miles on a treadmill.

I also figured that back in my high school cross country days, I ran outside every day at 3:30pm after school. It was still hot in August and September (and most of the time October). This is Tennessee after all.

Here's the thing... I don't think it'd be so bad if I got used to running in that kind of heat. The problem is that while I'm used to heat, I'm more acclimated to like 80 degree heat. It's a big difference.

I realized when I got to my 3-mile turnaround that I hadn't seen a soul on the greenway. I was clearly the only idiot out there.

Nonetheless, I got my 6 miles in and did it with an average 10 minute mile pace. I really should have been doing a 9 minute pace for a tempo run, but I think keeping the 10 in that kind of heat is decent. I felt pretty tough.

However, it wasn't something I desperately want to acclimate to doing. I'm hoping the experience will encourage me to start getting out of the bed and running in the mornings.

Training is definitely going well for week 4. Last Saturday I ran with some friends out at the very hilly Percy Warner Park. I ran the 11.2 mile loop for the first time ever, and I found that it wasn't as bad as expected. I really needed to do 12, but since it took me the same amount of time to run the hilly 11.2 as it would have to run a flatter 12 I just called it even.

My speed workout went well this week, and I hit up a spin class yesterday. I'll be hitting another spin class tomorrow, doing some strength stuff Saturday, and then a 14-mile training run with the Nashville Striders on Sunday. I'm hoping to stay on top of the spin classes for some cross training and work in some strength stuff at least once a week. I might not make the 4:00 marathon goal, but I WILL be super fit and run a PR come October in Chicago.


Niki said...

I hate running in this heat!! I am super motivated to get up early just to avoid it! Ha! Great job on your runs! Sounds like your training is going really well!!

NY Wolve said...

Yikes that is hot! I find that recovery is also harder after those hot runs, so good luck!

KAT said...

Wow. You are wayyy more hardcore than me!

Rachel H. said...

Impressive...I'm not running at all lately, much less in the heat!

B.o.B. said...

oh girl i feel your pain. it's so freakin' hot in Florida right now. Be careful out there!

Nicole said...

Can i just tell you i do stupid crap like this all the time? ALL THE TIME! I know so much better but who wants to run that far on a TM?? I used to but not anymore. The thought of 3 miles on there drives me bonkers. My 14miler started at 8:30 pm and was finished with my mom following me with her flashers on so that i did NOT have to run on the TM! LOL if thats not an idiot move, i dont know what is! :) :) :)