Thursday, August 13, 2009

DMB at Tinley Park in Illinois

First, I want to make a little note about yesterday's post. When I ran that half-marathon PR pace, it was March in TN... the day was cloudy and cool.

My recent runs at that pace (although I'm holding it for shorter distances) have been in 90+ degrees with even higher heat indexes due to humidity. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but it's just really super exciting to be finding some speed again!

Ok, so a friend and I are considering making a road trip up to Tinley Park in Illinois on September 26 (a Saturday) to see Dave Matthews Band. (Yes, because seeing him twice already this year hasn't been enough apparently.)

I love them. And they're playing a ton of the stuff of their new album now. I love the tunes on the album and can only imagine how amazing they'd be live.

So instead of imagining, we're going to take a quick road trip and find out.

The plan is to leave Saturday morning and drive to IL. We'll attend the show (lawn seats are only $40!) and then stay in a cheap hotel somewhere before heading back to TN on Sunday morning.

Does anyone want to join us and meet us there? Or maybe we can pick you up along the way if it's convenient.

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aron said...

you know i wish i could!!!!!!