Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Just Wanted a Different Color

There are some things in life that just don't make sense.

For example.

I have found that I really like the Intimissi bras at Victoria's Secret.  Not all the stores carry them, but if yours does they are the ones that are way cheaper than the rest. :)  It's some Italian brand, and I think they're just as nice as the really expensive ones they carry.

My mom got me one on my birthday that was red, and I just realized the other day I already had a red one and would prefer to have another color.  I decided I'd just run in there when I was nearby today and exchange it for another color.

It turns out that the red ones are one of the colors they marked down last month to $12.99.  I could either have that much in store credit or find something for that price (yeah right, not in that store.)

I was like, "Seriously.  I'm not trying to change styles.  I want this EXACT SAME THING in another color."

Too bad, so sad, no way.  I was even like, "Pretty sure red is one of the most expensive dye colors around, and I'm wanting to give it back and take one that's actually LESS expensive to dye."

No dice.

It's not THAT big of a deal to have two red bras so I just kept my bra and left (after I cashed in the card I got in the mail for a free pair of panties... take THAT Victoria!)... but still.  The whole concept of colors going on sale is one of the most absurd things that I have ever experienced when shopping.  I understand styles going on sale, but they had gobs of the same exact bra I wanted sitting on a display.  Color shouldn't matter.

Anyways, after that I went and got my hair done, so I got over being annoyed pretty quickly.  I love how it feels to walk out of the salon after taking care of things.  When I say taking care of things, I mean waxing my eyebrows, trimming off an inch to get rid of those pesky split ends, and coloring it to get rid of the grey.  (Yes, I have some grey hairs.  You kind of have to look close and dig through my hair to see them, but they exist.  Lots of people in my family were grey before 30 and it appears that my grey hairs have started showing up.  They're not bad.  But I know they're there.  So I cover them up.)

I'm considering going with a permanent color next time around.  She's been using Shades which gradually fades away.  When this happens, you end up having the entire grey hair back and not just the roots.  I feel like I'd see the grey hairs less often if I went with permanent color.  But I'm a color virgin and it scares me.  I like my natural hair color.  I don't want to give it up!  I know she can match it really well, but it's still not the same!

Sigh... one day I'll get over that one.  I'll have to, I'm sure.


J said...

I hate when stores are like that and I know that VS is one of them - they are just weird sometimes! I dont have gray in my hair but I am afraid of dying my hair too.

Rachel H. said...

Go with a permanent color it's not so bad, and it lasts longer, so you don't have to go back to the salon so quickly.

Amy said...

Ugh. Grey hair. I have grey hairs, too and occasionally I've been using natural instincts to cover them up, but I've gone on hair color hiatus because I hate having my whole hair color slightly changed just to mask a few greys. So, I try to part my hair differently or wear my hair curly so they aren't as noticeable. Pretty soon, though, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and do the permanent hair color. I just feel like you can always tell brunettes who have their hair permanently colored, ya know?

Stupid grey hairs.

Alisa said...

VS used to make sports bras, they were my favorite, then, all of a sudden discountinued! UGH!

Going to the salon totally makes me feel better no matter how crappy my day has been. I highlight my hair and probably will continue to do something to it until I'm mid-60's when I'll let it all go gray =).

Chic Runner said...

VS has the worst customer service ever. I could go on and on and on but alas, I will not fill up your comment space wit that :) Bummer that they did that too you. I have vowed to not shop there again.

Nicole said...

Ahhh this drives me crazy! I hate it when they give you a free panty in specific colors! Does it really flipping matter? How much more could a pattern really cost? And why would i continue to want the same flipping, pink,tan,white or black panties? errrrrrrr!!!!!