Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Quick Word on Oregon

I think I may have just fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest.  I didn't want to come home.

Stories and photos to come soon.

Speaking of photos, we had like 5 cameras all weekend.  Does anyone know of a website or something where we can all upload all our pics so that then we can all download them from each other?  I know there's got to be something like that out there so that we're not mailing tons of picture cds back and forth across the country.


drphibes said...

Google's Picasa Web Albums recently started supporting collaborative albums where multiple people could upload pictures. Easiest to use if you use Picasa (it's free) to manage your photos.

aron said...

i want to move to oregon or washington too :)

J said...

try picasa or google
or flikr.

just google online photo albums - there are a ton.

Paige said...

I agree, the west is AWESOME!

Google's Picasa is great. You could also use Shutterfly (we used it for our Spain pics).

Glad you're having a great time!

Nicole said...

i LOVE shutterfly! plus if you decide to order them, you get a deal! plus on there, you can use an online sharing webpage and i really like that! you can look at my links and view my page if you want! im really happy with it!

Alisa said...

I use picasa.

You came here during the perfect time, come back October - June and all you'll see is rain =).

So glad I got to meet you it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went back to that trail last night with my husband, it may be my new favorite place it was so pretty!

P.S. Why didn't we take any photos?? We're lame!