Monday, August 3, 2009

Running the Numbers

I realized today that I really am back in shape.

In June, I ran 70 miles.

In July, I ran 88.6 miles.  

I like the gradual increase, but I also like seeing those kinds of figures... especially compared to the 22 miles I ran in March. :)

PS - Kara Goucher won the ENTIRE Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon.  She beat the first male by like 19 seconds, I think I heard.  DANG GIRL!


J said...

Awesome job! i am going to have to check out that race with kara! I love her!

Niki said...

Wow!! She's awesome, I love her!

cNicRun said...

great job girl! your getting up there! were gonna ROCK Chicago!

i cant believe Kara won the whole thing- that's insane!

aron said...

awesome job!!! you are doing so great :)

isnt kara the coolest :)