Thursday, August 6, 2009


Maybe I shouldn't have said anything... there wasn't as much eye candy at the gym today.  Or maybe they're all on more of a Tuesday/Thursday schedule.  Oh well.  At least I got some biking and some abs work done as planned.  Yay!

So who else watched the first part of the So You Think You Can Dance finale last night?  I have to admit that I was a little disappointed... I thought all of the dancers did well, but I really expected the numbers to be a little bit more intense than they were most of the evening.  Don't you want to save the best for last?  Maybe the choreographers are tired as well or something.  I'm not knocking them... I still thought they had some great dances.  I just thought they could have done something with a bit more pizazz for the finale show.

I'm standing by what I've written in the past: Jeanine is hands down my favorite, followed by Evan.  Didn't you think it was so cool when the audience started chanting Evan's name?  He was indeed the only one that happened for... I think he'll get tons of votes.

It's not that I don't like Kayla and Brandon.  I do, really.  But there's something about their dancing that seems so spastic.  And I don't like it.

I feel like Jeanine is the most capable of dancing all sorts of styles.  I think she beautiful and would be able to be on stage, in a movie or on tv.  She just seems the most well-rounded.  Her solo last night was by far the best.  She does the best job of matching her music, not looking spastic or frantic, and doing things that shows off her strengths.  Those pirouettes last night where she slowed down and stopped still holding perfect form?  AMAZING.  It takes so much strength and control to do that.  And her solos don't always seem to be the same from week to week like the other remaining contestants.

I get it that Evan is as well-rounded as the others.  He does struggle a bit with some of the forms of dance, but I still think he's pulled off a lot of things that one might not have expected him to do weeks ago when he landed in the top 20.  I think he's got the kind of personality I like to see in people who win things... he's incredibly humble and it's like they said - there's not a nasty bone in his body.  I always root for the good guys, I think because it seems like there aren't enough good guys out in the world today.  I'd be thrilled if he won, too... not necessarily because he's the strongest dancer.  He could definitely improve.  But rather because he's kind of a package deal: great dance, cute, fun personality and is really the kind of guy that you want as a role model for young dancers.

Don't get me wrong... I do like Brandon and Kayla and think they're incredibly talented dancers. I think that any of the 4 contestants deserve to win for their own reasons.  I'm just pulling for two of them in particular. :)


cNicRun said...

sorry to hear about your visit to the gym-- maybe there will be more eye candy tomorrow since its friday?

i dont watch SYTYCD so i'm out of this one haha

Alisa said...

I watched SYTYCD sporadically this season. I caught the opening number last night and liked that but didn't watch the rest.

P.S. I was catching up on old posts, trying new beers? You and my hubby would get along well, he's a beer guy. There is a place called Bailey's Tap Room in Portland, has tons o beer. Also, Deschutes and Laurelwood breweries both have tasty restaurants.