Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guess What I Did Last Night?

I went to see Wicked.

My sister and I begged our mom this summer for the three of us to go together.  Mom likes musical theater, too, but I don't think she quite understood why we wanted to go so badly.

Two other girlfriends got tickets, and we all went downtown to eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory before the show.  I don't really eat there all that often since it's not really a convenient place to go to from where I live, but it's always a yummy meal when I go.  We took our photo with the streetcar, which I have never gotten to eat in! (This is on my list of things to do sometime.)

We made the walk over to TPAC and found our balcony seats about 15 minutes before the show.  It has sold out for the entire 18 days that it's in town!

We were in the top balcony, but we were in the center on the second row.  We were definitely up pretty high, but we could totally see all the action.

The show? Amazing.  If you have an opportunity to see this, you MUST. It's soooo worth the money, I promise.  The story is awesome.  The music is awesome.  The singers? Awesome.  

Seriously.  I've seen quite a few musicals/plays here in Nashville when they come here as well as on stage in New York City and Chicago.  This one is right at the top of my list of what I've enjoyed most.

We even snapped a photo of the curtain call!


Nicole said...

OMG! Sounds so fun! I love the spaghetti factory too! my boyfriend and i went to one and indy and vowed to eachother that we would go back again! it was YUMMY!!

looks like you had a great night too-- you and your sister look a lot alike!

Niki said...

I would LOVE to see Wicked! I missed it when it came to Memphis. Glad you enjoyed the show!!

danielle said...

I saw Wicked with Fiona in London, the day after Kenny left for Korea before I came home for a while. It was the best post-goodbye day I've ever had. The NEXT day, I downloaded all the music from the show! Glad you guys got to go. Wish I could have gone with you...

Playful Professional said...

I've seen Wicked three times including the original cast with Idina and Kristin. Probably one of my two favorite musicals of all time (that and Les Mis).

Rachel H. said...

So much fun!!

Amanda said...

I would love to see Wicked! I have the book on my to-read shelf on my bookcase.

Alisa said...

My old roommate when I lived in Boston was obsessed with Wicked. I haven't seen it.

Did you know that the original spaghetti factory is here in Portland?