Friday, September 25, 2009


Dear God,

I know this is a really superficial thing to pray for in addition to everything else I'm praying about, but could you please make it nice and cool in Chicago on October 11th? I'm thinking somewhere in the 50s. That would be awesome. Thanks!

Dear wasps hanging out in the greenway portapotty,

I'm not normally afraid of things in nature, but I'm not going to do my business with 10 of you hanging out in there.  I'd appreciate it if you'd find a new hangout.

Dear fellow bloggers,

I'm trying to catch up on your posts from when I was on vacation, especially since I'm leaving town again soon.  I apologize if I'm not commenting much, but it's awesome to catch up on your lives and hear what you've been up to!

Dear gal I see running on the greenway in the afternoons,

I'm curious if you're training for something or if you just enjoy running in the TN afternoons. I've thought about stopping to ask, but I hate to interrupt your run.  Someday, I might just do it.  Maybe we'd find that we run the same pace and could run together!

Dear Matthew Perryman Jones and Dave Barnes,

It was super awesome to hear you play live last night for free.  Thank you for playing a part in making it a terrific Thursday night.

Dear Nashville,

I love you.  I have moments when I consider leaving you, but for today you have my heart.


B.o.B. said...

Hey there! I'll be in Chicago with the Redhead that day. She's running. I am eating. Hope to see you and I hope for good weather too!

Kathryn said...

I have your back on the prayer for the 50s in Chicago!! I've been praying the same thing. I'm even okay with mittens and hat weather. Bring on running tights! But please oh please don't let it be hot like the last two years...

aron said...

I am praying for the cool temps too!! please please please :)

Paul said...

I guess come Oct 11 you'll find out if God is a marathon runner!

Cheers, Paul (praying God looks favourably on us Antipodean marathoners on Oct 11 too!)

drphibes said...

As of today (15 days out), the overnight low on 10/10 is forecast at 38. Let's see how that holds up over the next two weeks.

More immediately, it looks like a cool start for Kroger to Kroger. And yes, I agree the smart thing is not to do 21 miles 2 weeks before a marathon, but I guess I'm not that smart.

Playful Professional said...

Don't worry, I think we've all prayed for things like that. It can't ever hurt :)