Monday, October 5, 2009

Revel in the Small Things

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I need to delight in the little things.

For example...
  • I found out that you can track me when I run the Chicago marathon on Sunday!  They have this site where you can enter either your email or cell number and receive emails or texts at 4 different spots.  If anyone ends up wanting to track me, you can sign up now at this site.  I think this is pretty cool.
  • I put all my summer clothes away and pulled out my winter clothes.  It feels good to have that done.  I'll probably still need some of the summer stuff here and there for another month or so, but I always like getting things changed out so that the most likely stuff I need is in my main closet.
  • How I Met Your Mother was particularly funny tonight.
  • I caught up on all my ironing.  I hate to iron.  But now it's done.
  • I had a $5 off coupon to use today at PetSmart when I bought Tucker food.
  • I spent time with a dear friend today.
It's funny because I really haven't had the time to do things like I thought I would when I first lost my job.  Of course, a big part of this is because I'm planning a 5K happening in 19 days.  And training for a MARATHON I'm running on SUNDAY.  And sleeping a lot to prepare for a MARATHON I'm running on SUNDAY.  And enjoying a social life.  So the little things have just had to be enough for the time being.

But still... after the marathon and after the 5K, I'm hoping to knock out some major stuff on my to do list.  Like cleaning out a bunch of stuff to get ready for a yard sale.  And figuring out what kind of job I want to pursue and going after it.  And finding a new place to live since I'm going to be moving sometime in the coming months.  And maybe catching up on the stack of magazines sitting on my coffee table (can I help it that I'm OCD and read them pretty much cover to cover?)

For now?  I'm kind of just STOKED to be heading to Chicago.  It's going to be excellent to see my best friend.  It's unfortunately been 8 months since I last saw her, which is far too long.  I am looking forward to meeting some fellow running bloggers (no one seemed down with a major meetup, but if you want to try to get together then shoot me an email and we'll figure something out!)  I can't wait to enjoy the expo.  I look forward to showing my mom around Chicago since she's never been.  And honestly? I'm looking forward to getting that Chicago marathon medal and wearing it ALL DAY... even to dinner and whatever bar we might land at for celebratory drinks.


Paul said...

Love the comment about the magazines! OMG, I thought it was just me. My theory is: I have paid for this magazine, I am gonna read every page. As opposed to my wife's theory: I have paid for the mag therefore I can choose not to read it at all if I like. Have fun working on the "little things." Paul :-)

Rachel H. said...

OMG...I hate ironing too, and I am almost never caught up on it. I just let it sit in a basket for awhile until I finally feel like getting around to it! So sad!!

Kimberly300 said...

I'm totally tracking you sunday.. so excited for you!

I hope to someday be able to run a marathon, maybe next year if I can keep from getting stupid injuries.

anyway if I don't comment again.. good luck Sunday, I know you will stomp some bootay!

oh and I LOVE HIMYM.. so funny..

Nicole said...

CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU!! Girl, we should track each other so we get updates while were running! HAHAHA! :)