Thursday, November 12, 2009

CMAs in Nashville

First off, thank you all for your comments on yesterday's post.  It was really fun to read what others think about how Facebook affects dating.

Did anyone else watch the CMAs last night?

Being in Nashville, I'm pretty familiar with a lot of country music.  I can't say I'm a die hard country fan, but there is a lot of it out there that I do like.  Brad Paisley.  Carrie Underwood. (Ironically, both the show's hosts.)  Lady Antebellum.  Keith Urban.  Tim McGraw.  Rascal Flatts.

I love watching the CMAs more than any other awards show, and I think it's for the same reason that Patricia Heaton seemed so tickled to be presenting an award.  She made a comment about how it's one of the most fun awards shows she's attended.  Brad and Carrie made comments about how country music artists are kind of one big happy family, and I think that's true.  

Most of those artists live here in Nashville.  There are frequent Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman spottings (not that I've seen them yet.)  We don't have paparazzi chasing them around.

I love seeing the performances.  I love hearing the acceptance speeches.  I love seeing who wins the awards.

I shared a few thoughts about the show on Twitter last night, and I'll share them here along with a few more as well:
  • I love that Brad Paisley thanked his wife (actress Kimberly Williams Paisley) first in his acceptance speech.  I always love seeing evidence of southern gentlemen who know how to respect their women.
  • I agreed with a friend of mine that Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland is captivating
  • I said that I never thought I'd see Dave Matthews perform on the CMAs.  He's SO my favorite, and while I'm not a big Kenny Chesney fan I think it's pretty cool they have a song together.
  • I'd like to know how many dresses Carrie Underwood ended up wearing.
  • I also commented that while I know Taylor Swift is talented (mostly as a songwriter), she doesn't measure up to Brad, Carrie and Keith in my opinion.  I always feel a little disappointed when I hear her live because it never sounds as good as her recorded stuff.  I suppose she's worthy of the awards she won, but other artists would have gotten my vote.
  • I love that Lady Antebellum won a few awards, particularly the one for their single "I Run to You."  It's one of my favorite songs right now to run to, sing along to, listen to, etc.
I won't lie.  I never watch the Oscars.  But music awards shows? I heart them.

I would have loved to have actually attended the show (talk about some crazy expensive tickets!), but it's still pretty fun to watch them on tv.


Kimberly300 said...

didn't get to watch the CMA's this year.. was so disappointed, its always a great show but check this out.. scroll down about halfway.. I know Heather but Justine (darker hair) is my BF and it was her birthday.. SQUEEEE!!!

Patience said...

I couldn't agree with you more about Taylor. I would love to visit Nashville one day and hope to have some celeb sightings. I too would love to go to the CMA's, unfortunatly I would be forced to sell everything I own to afford the tickets. Boo:(

J said...

I love the "i run to you" song! I havent always listened to country - my boyfriend Brian converted me. I still tell him i "hate" it even thought we both secretly know I really like listening to it. I wish i had watched the CMA's. I was out last night and forgot to DVR it.

Alisa said...

Hehe I'm not a country fan but I have to say I love Carrie Underwood.

Alisa said...

Hehe I'm not a country fan but I have to say I love Carrie Underwood.

Rachel H. said...

I loved the CMA's too, and I agree with your comments, but I don't think that Taylor should've won Entertainer of the Year. I think that she could've won the other three that she was nominated for and one of the bigger guys who has been around for longer should've won. Oh well, just my opinion! :)

courtney903 said...

I didn't get to watch! We don't have TV in our house so... I'm going to have to search out some of the better moments on youtube or something. But I agree with a lot of what you said. Most of it, actually. It's the reason I moved here. It's an awesome city full of an amazing family of musicians--famous or not.

hernamewasgrace said...

country music? what's that? :)

I love this town too. And the country music has definitely grown on me after 24 years.

Playful Professional said...

I had a conversation this weekend about how Taylor Swift swept everything this year at the CMAs but nobody else really did anything this year. She's very talented but I feel like she really didn't have any competition. You can't give Carrie an award for female vocalist of the year when she didn't do anything. It'll be interesting to see how it goes when there's real competition.