Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Spinning Brain

One of my favorite things about visiting England is having tea.  I realize I could have tea anytime I'd like to here in the states, but there's just something different about sitting down to have tea and cake in the afternoon.  I kind of wish sometimes that we had something like it to break up our afternoons a bit.

Every time I've traveled over there, I've gone into Whittard to pick out a can of instant tea to bring home with me.  This summer's pick was a Cranberry and Raspberry tea.  You can drink it hot or cold, and today is the first day since I bought it that I felt compelled to drink it hot.

It's delicious.  There's something comforting about sitting here in sweats and drinking tea I bought in England out of a mug with Dopey on it that I bought at the Magic Kingdom.

It makes me feel compelled to write.  It's no secret to people who know me well that I'd love to write a book someday.  What most of those people don't know is that it's something I've already been working on... well, loosely anyways.  I haven't made a lot of progress on paper, but the idea has been developing quite nicely in my head.  I've typed a few things, and for the first time in a long time I'm feeling moved to type a whole lot more today.  I'll be doing that as soon as I publish this post.

Meanwhile, my brain has been spinning all over the place lately.  I'm constantly thinking about my grandpa.  I'm constantly thinking about my job search and trying to figure out what I want to do next.  If there's one thing I'm learning while unemployed, it's that I don't just want to be employed.  I want to have a job that I love.  I want to look forward to it at least most of the time.  I'm constantly thinking about some other people in my life who are on my mind for a multitude of different reasons.  I'm constantly thinking about running and fitness and what sort of goals I am going to create next.  I'm constantly thinking about traveling and wondering if I can squeeze in another trip sometime soon.

It's a good kind of spinning.  I'm feeling inspired right now.  I'm feeling driven, even if it appears that I'm not doing much of anything.  I can be impulsive, but much of the time I'm kind of silently calculating my next moves.  I feel like I'm on the cusp of some good things.  I hope so anyways.

For now, I'm going to enjoy this cup of tea as it works together with my sweats to keep me warm in my chilly house (I do have heat; I just hate paying for it).  I'm going to enjoy this sweet cat curled up in my lap.  And I'm going to write until it's time to go to yoga class.  I love days like this.


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I've felt like my brain is spinning lately, too.

Sitting with a cup of hot coffee or tea with my kitty curled on my lap and writing is one of my FAVOURITE things to do, ever!

Nicole said...

My brain is spinning too! I think its the time of the year... sadly with the holidays coming, the spinning will continue, for me anyway. I love to write random stuff, talk about my life and mostly running! :) If u write a book, can i have an autographed copy? :)

peachy perspective said...

Ah yes, I love days like that, too! Enjoy!

Chris said...

That is why you are a Marathoner.

Because you are goal oriented and need to pursue your "ambitions" - whether its a new adventure, or another marathon, or a fulfilling job, or a good cup of tea, etc.

Keep searching and striving.

Rachel H. said...

My brain spins all the time too...especially lately with preparing for the baby!