Sunday, November 8, 2009

Outside of the Box

Have you ever done something different that was a bit outside of the box compared to how you usually do things?

As I get older, the more willing I am to try things a bit differently. Sometimes I find it goes well, and other times I find I like to stick to things that I feel are more comfortable.

Last night, a friend and I did something that was a little different for both of us.

Let me share the back story. Last weekend on Halloween night I went to a bonfire at a friend's house. After everyone else had gone home, she and I popped in another party and then went to this chill little place to hang out and people watch. When we headed to the car to head home, there were a couple of guys who were getting into their car next to our's. They started talking to us, and we ended up standing in the parking lot chatting with them for about 10 minutes even though it was like 30 something degrees and we were freezing our crunchberries off since our costumes weren't exactly warm (MAJOR bonus points to anyone who recognize the "freezing our crunchberries off" reference).

The guy suggested we all hang out sometime, and one of them got my friend's number in order to set it up. We went home saying that they seemed nice, but we had little expectations regarding the whole situation because - well, let's face it - most guys that you meet out like that never call.

On Thursday night, my friend and I sat out in a field with another friend watching a meteor shower. Yes, it was after midnight. Yes, it was freezing cold. Yes, I wore layers and had two blankets. Yes, we saw some of the meteors, and yes, it was awesome. Sometimes it's being able to go do things like this that really make me appreciate being young and single. Anyways, where I'm going with this is that I asked her if she'd heard from the one guy, and she hadn't.

On Friday night, we found out that their ears must have been burning because she'd heard from the one guy and they wanted to make plans with us for Saturday. We both thought it was kind of funny since we'd just been talking about the whole thing the night before, and we both figured they seemed nice enough to meet up with and have a cocktail.  Honestly, it's the kind of thing that neither of us are really accustomed to doing.  I know it probably doesn't sound all that unusual, but I know that I don't normally go out with people I've spent all of 10 minutes talking to in a parking lot.  I usually at least know the person's last names or have a mutual friend.  So this was indeed different to do.

Last night after I got done attending a wedding, she and I headed out to meet them.

Interesting point #1: I don't think either of us felt nervous. It's funny, because I know there was a time in the past where this kind of thing would have made me sooo nervous... and that's if I had even had the nerve to actually go. Sure, these guys had seemed nice and all, but when it comes down to it they were total strangers to us. What if it didn't go well? What if it was awkward? I honestly didn't think too much on any of that. At the same time, I just felt really laid back about it because I had zero expecations. Maybe we'd have fun, maybe we wouldn't. It was all about being in the moment.

Interesting point #2: My friend and I have never done something like this at all, much less together with one another. It was pretty fun feeling like we were wingwomen... think Barney and Ted, only we're both kind of more Ted-like. We briefly debated whether or not forming an escape plan was appropriate considering we had NO idea how things might go, but ultimately we decided to literally just wing it.

As we drove up to the place where we were meeting them, about 5 cop cars also pulled up and swarmed the place. We debated for a minute on if we should try to go in, but when we saw the drama appeared to be in the parking lot we opted to head on in. I remembered briefly wondering if we'd all remember what each other looked like, but one of them spotted us as soon as we walked in.

The wait was ridiculous so we started figuring out a plan B and chatting a bit. We ultimately settled on moving to a nearby location and all headed to our cars to drive that way. I remember joking with my friend that this would probably be the best time to bail had we felt like we needed to, but that my general impression from the first 10 minutes with them was good. She agreed, but it was kind of funny to think about... we both wondered if people in our shoes would ever be lame and just ditch them or something. We're SO not those kinds of girls.

After a quick debate in the car in the new parking lot we'd moved to (we were unsure about if we needed to sit on the same side of the table as one another or if it'd be more appropriate to split up (yes, girls think and talk about this sort of thing) and ultimately decided the conversation would be easier if she and I were on the same side of the table across from them), we headed in.

We had a drink. We had some dessert. We laughed and talked a LOT. The next thing we knew, it was almost 1am and the place was closing.

Once we were alone in the car again, we both agreed that the evening was a ton of fun and that it went way better than either of us had expected. It's not that we thought it'd go poorly; we just didn't really have a high expecation because we're not really used to meeting up with people we barely know and felt unsure of whether we'd all click or not.

Do we know if anything more will come of it? No. And that's ok. What we DO know is that we had a great time. And we felt pretty proud of ourselves for getting outside of the box when it comes to meeting new people.

Maybe we got lucky. We could have tried this and found the guys to be terrifically boring or something. But still.. it went well, and we were glad to do something a little different.

I suppose I share all this to say that sometimes you have to change things up a bit.  We could have just as easily said that it wasn't smart to go hang out with guys we didn't know... but in the end I'm glad we decided we would go.  They intrigued us the first time, and this continued to be true the second time. I guess we'll see what happens now. :)


Rachel H. said...

Sounds like a good result, and it sounds like you girls had a good time! Maybe you will meet up again! :)

kilax said...

I think it's so great that you went out of your "comfort" zone to do this! You know, I randomly met my husband like that. He talked to me for 10 minutes at a party, walked me partially home and asked for my number :)

Nicole said...

OMG MEL! sounds like an amazing night!!! i'm hoping this continues and you have fun!!!! it seems like your having the time of your life right now girl, LIVE IT UP!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

d.a.r. said...

Sounds like an amazing night!!