Monday, November 2, 2009

Running Update

I've been taking it pretty easy since running the Chicago marathon 3 weeks ago.

Easier than I even intended, to be perfectly honest.

So I'm a little annoyed that the top of my right foot is hurting.  Since I dealt with a femoral neck fracture last year, I always get a little anxious when I feel any sort of ache.  I looked at my training log and felt confident that I didn't overdo it leading up to Chicago.  Then, I haven't ran more than 10 miles a week in the 3 weeks since, so it stands to reason there's VERY little chance I've overdone it since.  The first week after I only ran 3 miles!

I intended to run more, but in the end I felt more comfortable going a bit more conservatively.  Sure I'm signed up to run a December marathon, but I have no intentions of trying to push myself too terribly much at that one.  I kind of just want to do it for fun and to get another marathon under my belt this year.  So I don't mind continuing to be conservative in training as I get ready for it.

It hit me though.  I wore high heels three days in a row this past week.  One night I was even in some pretty tall stiletto boots and walked around a good bit in them.  Since I'm unemployed, I haven't exactly been wearing heels like at all lately, so I think that maybe I must have done something one of those three nights.

It still hasn't kept me from googling.  And oh how we runners know that googling injuries is both a blessing and a curse.  The good news is that where the ache is found indicates that there's very little chance it's a fracture.  Plus, it's not a sharp pain like a fracture would be.  It's more likely that I have strained or pulled a muscle in my foot.

I ran 9 miles today, and I would kind of notice a dull ache every now and then.  For the most part, I didn't notice it at all.  It's been more noticeable this evening.  So I imagine that it's a good sign I didn't feel much WHILE running.  Plus, it's not really pain... it's just an ache.  So that's good, too.

Nonetheless, I'm going to take it easy this week.  I'm icing it and trying to stay off my feet and get plenty of rest.  I'll try running again this weekend because the way I see it, it's most important that I get my long runs in.

It's just kind of annoying.  I'm in a really good shape right now and had been loving it that I had been running again for so long without any issues.  Having anything bothering me is such a pain in the butt!


Sharon said...

I totally understand your fears & frustrations. Since my fractures, I am now hyper-aware of every little ache & pain. It is very frustrating to say the least. I remember the good old days (pre-stress fracture) when I could run without a care in the world. Now I freak out and over analyze every little niggle & twinge. I'm sure it will take us both awhile before we can run with the confidence that we used to have.

Don't worry - you couldn't possibly have a fracture running such low mileage since your marathon. Stay strong - it will all work out :)

Rachel H. said...

Do take it easy this week and hope everything feels back to normal soon! I'm sure you just need to rest! :)

emily said...

i forgot that you were running that marathon in december. great that you were able to get out a 9miler after taking so much time laying low....i have to admit i think im the worlds most overactive googler! haha for better or worse, but glad to hear your pain doesnt sound too serious. good luck!!

Patience said...

I feel your pain, I have had this horrible pain in the bottom of my foot. I know it is plantar fascitis and there isn't anything the Dr. can do for it, but I tend to favor that foot when I run. It just sucks because I am in such good shape and I don't want this to stop me. I hope your pain goes away soon!

Chris said...

I know what you mean about googling injuries, sometimes I think I'm an MD in Internet Running injuries. One way I don't have to worry about injuring myself is wearing high heels - LOL. I'll give you back the advice you gave me, which really helped me - R.I.C.E.

Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Jamie said...

I hope you feel better soon! Smart move taking it easy... let the RICE work it's magic :)

J said...

Sometimes the shoes I wear make a big difference on how my feet feel. I bet it was the high heels! Hope it feels better!!

Amanda said...

I bet that foot pain is high-heel related, I often get pains like that from different shoes. I hope it's better soon!

Kimberly300 said...

ya keep icing that foot, I hope it clears up soon! I also google too much.. get freaked out with every ache, but it always happens when I start to up my mileage. Even now, the past week or so when I start running my right hip (flexor?)starts to hurt like crazy.. GAH! so frustrating..

anyways, stay off the heels lady!

hey and cool news on the medal.. thanks!... but what, were there only 3 people in my geriatric age group? oh well, I'll still take it!

Nicole said...

gahhhh i'm sorry to hear about your foot. my stupid heel is still bugging me and i will be getting some xrays after CIM... our feet just dont love us do they! xoox