Thursday, November 5, 2009


First of all, THANK YOU all sooooo much for all of your kind, supportive and encouraging comments yesterday.  Seriously, all I was hoping for was that maybe a few extra prayers could be tossed up on behalf of my family, but I am overwhelmed by how kind you've all been.  I can't really put into words just how much that means to me. Thank you.

My grandpa is now in the hospital after yesterday's fall, and he seems to be improving.  He had to get a lot more stitches and staples in his head (in addition to the ones he got the first time they let him fall out of the bed).  He also broke his collarbone and now has to wear a sling (in addition to the neck brace he's in for the vertebrate he broke the first time they let him fall out of bed).  So all of that kind of sucks, but it's good to know he's perking up a bit and doing ok.

He'll be in the hospital for at least several days.  After that, my mom and grandma got everything done so that he can go to a different facility that we are pretty confident will provide better care.  We're all definitely happy about this.

Next, my foot is feeling considerably better today.  I definitely feel good that I've been taking it easy the past day or two.  I'm going to go on and give it at least another day or two before I run again just to be on the safe side.  You can also rest assured that I'll be wearing flats to the wedding I'm attending on Saturday night.  I'm going to be passing on the heels at least until I get this next marathon behind me.

Finally, I realize I haven't said much about Halloween.  Ultimately, I had one of the best Halloween's I've had since college.  I attended a party with friends on Friday, and then I attended a bonfire with friends on Saturday before spending a little time at a fun little bar in Nashville.  Let me tell you... I think it is so super fun to people watch on Halloween in public. It is SO interesting to see what kind of costumes other people wear.

I've posted pictures on Facebook, so if you're my friend you can check them out on there.  But since I know most of you aren't on there, I'll share one photo of me in my costume that I wore on Saturday. (Yes, I had two costumes, because that's the way I roll.)  In case it's not obvious, I went as a saloon girl from the wild, wild west.  I used Carrie Underwood's "Cowboy Casanova" video as my inspiration. :)


Niki said...

Love the costume!

emily said...

haha lovee ittt! it really is so funny to see what some people come up with. on campus it is slutty times 1000 but the entertainment never fails. hope gramps stays strong and you too :)

Rachel H. said...

Love your Halloween costume, and I'm so glad that your grandfather will be able to move to a new facility once he is out of the hospital!

Jamie said...

great costume!

glad to hear your grandpa is doing better and will be moved to a new facility. and yeah for the foot feeling better!

Sharon said...

I am so happy to hear that your grandpa is doing better, your foot is better and that you had an awesome Halloween - HOORAY :)

Kimberly300 said...

so glad to hear about your Grandpa! It sounds like the poor guy has been through it, but at least he will be getting the care he needs now.

Hooray for the foot! amazing that all the RICE advice always works..

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Halloween costume! I dressed up in quite the original costume too.. middle aged stay-at-home mom who followed 3 kids around all night.. sigh.. I'm so freakin old.. (hehe)

Nicole said...

ow ow!! lookin goooood girl!!! i'm so glad your grandpa is doing better and will be going to a new facility! your family is in my thoughts and prayers!! xoxo

Paul said...

It is one of my life ambitions to spend a Halloween in the USA just to see how big it is. Over here in Oz it is such a non-event with forlorn kids wandering the streets desperately trying to find *anyone* who will do a trick or treat. So sad!