Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Christmas Busyness

You're going to have to forgive me if posting is scarce.

Case in point:

Thursday I had dinner with a good friend and then joined yet another good friend for the Dave Barnes Comedy Extravaganza at The Belcourt Theater. If you want a good laugh, search "Dave Barnes Christmas" on youtube. Trust me.

Friday I hosted my annual Christmas party. I don't really put a lot of work into this. I basically invite all my closest friends and ask everyone to bring something salty or sweet to share. We had a blast!

Saturday my sister graduated from college.

Sunday we went to Manchester (not in England, but rather THE COUNTRY here in TN) to have dinner with some family.

Tonight we had dinner with some other family friends.

The next two nights involve plans with friends for the holidays.

Then it's Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Then I'm hoping to make a day trip to Knoxville to see my best friend if we're able to work it out.

Sunday we're doing Christmas with some other family friends.

Monday I have dinner plans.

Tuesday and Wednesday are FINALLY plan free, but then it's New Year's Eve (which I actually don't have plans for yet, but I certainly hope to soon.)

I've been enjoying it, but it's kind of exhausting.

Oh, and I've done like ZERO running, but I'm ok with that. I think that it's wise to take a week or two off from running here and there so that the body can recover. I might go do a strength training class at the gym tomorrow, but I really don't plan to run again until after Christmas.

I'm hoping to map out some racing plans for 2010 soon. I promise to share.

Like I said, posting will be scare these next couple of weeks, but I'm still trying to keep on top of reading your blogs and popping up when I can.

Happy holidays!


kilax said...

The holidays are so fun when you get to spend so much time with friends and family :) It will be nice to crash next week :)

Kimberly300 said...

have a great Christmas lady! being with family and friends is MUCH more important than a post.. enjoy the holidays!