Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gearing Up for Marathon #6

So I'm running a marathon on Saturday.

I still don't think it's quite sunk in yet. I've been so laid back about running a second marathon this year. In fact, I probably haven't trained as well in between races as I originally intended... but I got some good long runs in and know that I'm capable of going the distance on Saturday.

Will it be a new PR? Who knows... I'm not really setting any goals or making any expectations for myself. I had a hell of a race in Chicago, and I'm not going to be upset if I don't top it. I am not really trying to top it.

Rocket City is a small marathon with 1500 runners. Huntsville is nothing spectacular to run around. It's going to be chilly, and as of right now there's a 70% chance of rain.

But I will be starting the race with 3 Nashville friends. I will run 26.2. And I will feel fantastic about completing another marathon regardless of what the finish line clock says when I get there.

Maybe I'll feel great and pull out a PR. Maybe I'll stay relaxed and have fun running with friends. Maybe it will suck. Who knows.

But I don't mind waiting to see how it goes. A marathon is a marathon, and I'm thrilled to be able to run another one. We'll see what happens when I get out there.

Since it's such a small race there isn't any runner tracking, but you'll probably be able to look up the results at the Rocket City website before I get to a computer to post them.

By the way... I know this might be way too much info... but I have to say it. You know you're a marathon runner when you find yourself getting pumped in the days before a marathon because you realize you've gotten your #2 bathroom schedule so that it's happening in the afternoons and therefore you have a good chance of getting through the marathon without having to go. :)

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend whether you're racing or hitting up Christmas parties. I'll see you all again on the other side of my sixth marathon!


kilax said...

You have a great attitude! I think it would be so fun to run with friends. Have fun!

(LOL, I am so happy when I go #2 before a run. It usually happens during though :( )

J said...

Good luck in the marathon! I am sure you will run well! Have fun!

Running and living said...

Good luck!

Rachel H. said...

Good Luck!! You'll do great...I'm sure! :)

Niki said...

Hahaha! That bathroom comment is so true!! Good luck girl!

Jackie said...

Good luck and have fun!

Sharon said...

Go out there, run your heart out and have FUN!! You rock & I will be thinking of you when I do my measly 3.5 miler :)

rinus said...

Goodluck and have a fun time on the marathon.
Start easy and feel what is happend on the half marathon and try than to run faster after 30km!.
I will run 13/12(sunday) a fun training marathon in Spijkenisse(holland)..

Nicole said...

i love your attitude sweetie! best of luck & kick ass! I know you got this!!!! have fun & rock it!!! Ill be thinking of you! xoxo love you!!!

Alisa said...

Hope it went well!

brittac said...

I love your blog - best of luck!