Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Preparation

Today was a good day.

I slept in - which I need to stop doing tomorrow so that I can get on a more normal sleep schedule and hopefully go to bed at a decent time Friday night before my marathon.

I baked 3 different kinds of cookies. I like doing some extra baking over the holidays, and between needing some goods to give as gifts and to take to a party this weekend I needed to get on top of it and make some things. I love making cookies from scratch. By the time all was said and done, I had made peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses on top, chocolate oat no-bake cookies, and sugar cookies with Christmas sprinkles.

I watched So You Think You Can Dance and Glee. Has anyone else been watching SYTYCD this season? I was a little miffed over the results tonight. I think Mollee is a better dancer than Elanore, and I don't think it's quite fair that Ashleigh got through and Mollie didn't when she didn't even dance and we don't even know if she can dance in the finale next week. I think Jakob should win, so I suppose I don't REALLY care. But still... At least the Glee fall finale rocked and made me happy.

I also met with my financial advisor today. I always love the semi-annual meetings. It makes me excited to know that I'm being smart by saving and investing and planning for the future. Seriously, I don't understand why more people don't do the same.

I also read all your sweet comments about the video of Tucker in the tree. :)

It's interesting, because I had a pretty laid back day when I think about it. I think that it's days like this one that make me enjoy the holiday season. I love thinking about how the people I give gifts to will enjoy them. I love looking over and seeing my pretty Christmas tree. I love going to parties.

It's easy to feel a little down this time of year. I want a special someone in my life, and I feel that as I get invitations to parties and do my shopping and baking... I want someone to share it all with. But that day will come, and I enjoy what the holidays are as a single gal. I have a lot of good people in my life, and there is much to be thankful for.

Tomorrow I'll log my last run before Saturday's marathon and then plan to get all dressed up to work a benefit dinner for the non-profit I volunteer for all the time. I'm pretty pumped about it.

It still hasn't really hit me that I'm running a marathon this weekend. I keep saying things like, "yeah, I'm running a full in Huntsville Saturday morning and then heading back in time to get to Aleesha's Christmas party." What? Yeah, I'm planning on going to a Christmas party post-race. I hope they'll have enough food.


Amy said...

Haha. I'm in the SAME situation. Except, I've got two parties to go to on Saturday night.

All I can say is after the shower when I get home on Saturday a NAP is going to be required.

Nicole said...

I have my work party saturday night!!! :)

Ive been such a slacker after i got home monday-- being lazy, skipping classes & sleeping in- my body needed it! :)

cant wait for u to run saturday! can i track u?

Running and living said...

Good luck with the marathon!

Playful Professional said...

I love Ash on SYTYCD so I was kind of happy she made it through but Mollee is my other favorite so it was kind of bittersweet. I really do wish Eleanor would've gone home...but I am with you on Jacob as well. Wow this was quite the rambling comment, sorry.