Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post of 2009

Well guys and gals... this is it. The end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. The beginning of a new decade!

I'm pretty excited. 2009 has been a good year, but it's certainly had it's share of ups and downs.

I started the year on crutches, going through a small breakup, and kind of unhappy about things. I felt really lost not being able to run or work out. I was so relieved and my mood instantly improved in February when I started running again.

There have been a few guys. Dating has certainly not gotten any less complicated, but I've learned some good lessons and had some fun with some different guys.

I got to start racing again in June, and I managed to get a PR in several distances between June and today: the 5K, the 5 mile, the 10K, the 10 mile and the MARATHON (by 20 minutes no less!) Running definitely went well for me, and I think I proved that you can come back from an injury stronger than ever. I feel really pleased with how I achieved running goals, and I'm excited to see what I can do in the new year.

I had to start working part-time in May due to the crappy economy, but I made the best of it and planned some trips.

In 2009, I went to Chicago twice (once for Steph's birthday and once for the marathon), Ireland and England for two weeks, Oregon/Washington, Orange Beach for a fun week with friends and Huntsville for my other marathon. Awesome times.

I did some hiking. I went white water rafting. I watched MTSU baseball games with my sister. I saw Celine Dion, the New Kids on the Block, Death Cab for Cutie, Dave Matthews Band (twice! once from row 15 dead center!), Dave Barnes, Matthew Perryman Jones and Imogen Heap in various concerts. I had fun nights with friends at The Big Bang in Nashville.

I did a lot of volunteer work and even planned a 5K for the non-profit I serve at regularly.

I celebrated birthdays and attended weddings.

I lost two grandparents.

I stayed connected and developed my relationships with old friends.

I reconnected and became really good friends with an awesome group of people I knew in college.

I made new friends, including two awesome running buddies.

It's easy sometimes to think about all the bad things that happened. It's easy sometimes to sit at the end of the year, especially when you're young and single, and feel as though nothing is really different than it was at this time last year... but when I list everything out like this, I realize that's not true.

I've had some rough moments this year, but in the end it's been an incredibly fulfilling year overall. I've had a TON of good things happen, and I am realizing more and more every day just how lucky I am. My life is good. There is much to be thankful for.

Nonetheless, I still can't help but hope for 2010 to be even better and even more fulfilling!

I want to get new PRs in the half and full marathon distances (and any other distance, but I want these two to be my priority). I'm going to try my first triathlon in April!!! I'm pretty excited about that and plan on beginning training soon (in addition to my normal running training, of course).

I'll turn 27.

I'm going to find a new job.

I'm going to find a new place to live.

And who knows what else will happen.

But I have this crazy feeling that 2010 is going to be good.


Nicole said...

Am i your new awesome running buddy?!? cuz your MINE! and i hope you can come in May!!!!! i miss you like woah and had a fabulous time running chicago with you! i'll never forget my first marathon with you!!! *tears* hugs & xoxoxo!!! here's to an amazing 2010 full of pr's, new jobs, new places to live, new love & many more memories! love you girl!!! xoxoxoxo

rinus said...

You can and have run fun in 2010!.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Happy New Year! It sounds like you had a whirlwind of a year - me too :) I think 2010 has good things in store, though!

PS: I had no idea you came back from an injury and then ran TWO marathons at the end of this year! Good for you!!

Jon said...

Happy New Year! Good luck with your upcoming training and I wish you the best for 2010! The triathlon will be fun.

Playful Professional said...

2010 sounds like the year to be a good one :)

Love to Run said...

You DID have an awesome year.

Here's to an even better 2010!