Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Spirit of Volunteering

I got to do something kind of different last week. I worked at a benefit dinner for the non-profit I volunteer for here in Nashville.

I've never really been to a fancy benefit dinner, mostly because even though I would love to pay $200 to go to one since it goes to a good cause I just can't really afford to make that large of a donation. This is why I usually donate much more of my time than my money.

I was pretty excited about working it, in part because I got to get really dressed up. I don't have too many reasons to do that these days. I had bought an awesome dress recently at White House Black Market (only because it was ridiculously on sale) so I was pumped to wear it (sorry, I didn't take any pictures).

There was a silent auction that had some really awesome items on it, and the live auction was really neat to witness. They were auctioning off things like trips and wine tastings and golf with Titans players... and people were forking over some serious dough. It was awesome because the event raised $150,000 for the non-profit!!! But it blows me away that people have that much money sometimes. I just can't imagine. But believe me, if I had it I'd totally spend it on awesome things like that where I would know the money was going to a great cause.

Jars of Clay did a little performance, and it was pretty cool because I've enjoyed their music for years ever since they hit radio with "Flood" back in the day. It was fun to get to kind of enjoy the event even while working it.

I definitely think that giving my time to stuff like this is a big part of what fulfills me. I always enjoy myself when I'm working at an event for a good cause. In a lot of ways, I feel like my service is just as helpful as writing a check could be. I encourage everyone to consider donating some time to a good cause if at all possible sometime soon. I know it's easy to get in the spirit to give of ourselves this time of year, but I encourage us all to remember to continue to do it in the new year as well. All sorts of organizations need help year-round, whether it's to work one time at an event or to come in regularly and help out with odds and ends around the office.


Nicole said...

I love white house black market! I hadnt ever been there until recently but i love all of their stuff! Someday i will take myself on a little shopping spree in there!

I'm glad you enjoyed the volunteering event- your so sweet & thoughtful to spend time doing things like this! :)

Love to Run said...

It takes a special and non-selfish kind of person to give up their time for others. I hope your writing about this inspires more to do the same.

Niki said...

That's so awesome that you were able to volunteer for that! Love Jars of Clay!