Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Running and Racing

I've been hesitant to share plans for 2010... I find myself having a hard time getting myself to sit down and sort them out. Part of it is that I'm also trying to get more serious about my job search, and I just have too many things on the brain right now. Another part of it is that it feels difficult to try to plan too much out when so much of my life is kind of up in the air.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that are either certain or close to certain.
  • February 13th - Frostbite Half Marathon (I'm not sure I'll be in the best shape for it, but at $5 if I don't want a shirt? It's a steal! And goodness knows I don't truly need another shirt.)
  • February 17th - Race Judicata 5K/10K (I'm undecided on this one, but it's pretty cheap to run both races. I might end up just doing the 10K, or maybe I'll do both, or maybe I'll skip it altogether.)
  • March 13th - Tom King Half Marathon (My current PR is from this course, and I'd kind of like to beat it this year. I think I should have time by then to be in shape to do it.)
  • March 21st - Shamrock Half/Full (I've got a free ride and free place to stay, so I'm leaning toward going. What I'm not sure of right now is if I can be in shape to do the full like I would like to or if I should stick to the half. Or maybe I'll save money and won't go at all.)
  • April 10th - YMCA Indoor Triathlon (This would be my first tri! I think doing an indoor one is a smart way to try out the event. It just means I need to get myself in the pool so I can handle the 500 yard swim.)
  • June 19th - RC Cola & Moon Pie 10-Miler (I run this race every year. Count me in again.)
  • November 21st - Flying Monkey Marathon (This is a pretty hilly marathon here in Nashville, but I think it would be good training for the Goofy Challenge in January. We'll see.)
I'm sure some other things will come up, especially in the second half of the year. Honestly, I'm not thinking much about any races past April or so anyways.

I'm definitely feeling a little uncertain about what I want to commit to outside of the first two half marathons and the indoor triathlon, so I think I'm going to quit thinking about it and just play it by ear as the days roll by.

In the meantime, I've been getting myself back to spin class and have logged a few runs. I feel like I'll bounce back quickly, but I know I'll feel better when I have a few more long runs under my belt and can see for sure what I can handle.

Honestly? I enjoyed taking a few weeks off. It's kind of hard to get myself going again. I love running and I'm ready to get my groove back, but at the same time I think I know that by signing up for the Goofy Challenge I also signed up for a heck of a fall training schedule. I think I want to be a bit more relaxed for the first part of the year and save both time and some money and not get as hardcore about racing all the time or anything.

It feels like a good decision. It feels good to share it in writing.


Alisa said...

Sounds like a great 2010.

lawmonkey13 said...

Sounds like you have it all laid out. I'm planning on doing the Goofy Challenge this year too! I'm with you...if you can run Percy Warner, you can run anything! LOL. Good luck with 2010!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

That Goofy Challenge is going to be hardcore to train for so probably a good idea to take it easy the first half of the year! Since I'm running my first full in October and know I'll have a heck of training schedule this summer I'm taking it easy this spring too :)

Jocelyn said...

Nice plan. I ALMOST signed up for the Shamrock 1/2 but it conflicted with other plans. I'm also thinking about doing the Goofy Challenge, although that makes me nervous!

Matt said...

Awesome plans!
Did you sign up for the Shamrock half?? It's actually sold out if you didn't. The full is still open though, plus an 8k then full challenge.

Nicole said...

I stopped running for a few weeks and it was ROUGH getting back into it but since ive started my 42 and fit, its been MUCH easier since i know i have to run! :)

sounds like a fabulous 2010 girl!!!

Jon said...

sounds like a great schedule and good luck!

Playful Professional said...

I've heard Shamrock is awesome! I think you should do that one because it's close to me :)

Chic Runner said...

YAY for a great schedule for 2010! :) I want to run the Flying monkey marathon just because of it's name! :)