Friday, January 15, 2010


On Thursday, we were in Belize. We woke up to clouds and rain. Ugh.

People say that if you don't have a tour planned in Belize, you might as well not get off the boat. They are right. There is nothing there. It's actually kind of sad because it's very apparent that it's a very poor country.

We had a river tubing tour planned, so we got off the ship despite the fact that the weather was kind of crappy.

Our tour guide drove us about an hour away to the place where we would take a short hike and then tube down a river through two caves. It stopped raining by the time we got started, but it was only about 65 degrees. Since we ended up soaking wet, we were quite chilly. Nonetheless, we actually had a great time. It was quite pleasant tubing along the river and checking out the inside of two massive caves. It was really pretty.

We had lunch at a cute little restaurant before riding back to the ship. Once on board we took naps and cleaned up for another night of yummy food at dinner and some entertainment. We also watched some of the national championship game and stayed up a little bit later hanging out. My sister and I met a few of the musicians on board and had some fun chatting with them. It's always interesting to me to meet people who live in other places, and I learned some interesting things about both Canada and Alaska.


rinus said...

Nice trip and good wether!.
Better than in Holland, cold and snow now!.
Have a nice weekend

Nicole said...

OMG we did this exact same tour too! its so crazy how i have some of the exact same pictures!!! i'll have to show you them sometime! i'm seriously in shock! SO COOL!