Thursday, January 14, 2010


On Tuesday, we woke up to sunnier skies in Cozumel, Mexico. It was still a bit windy, but we were excited to put on our swim suits and head to the beach.

Once off the ship, we snapped a couple of photos around the dock.

There was still a Christmas tree up near the dock. Feliz Navidad!

We took a taxi over to Paradise Beach resort. Upon arrival, we found a beautiful beach and tons of chairs for us to lounge in. The area was beautiful! After spotting some gorgeous parrots, we found a spot to set up camp for the day.

Since we finally had nice weather, we spent some time walking around the beach and taking some photos. Please pardon the gratuitous bathing suit shots. I was on a beach. :) And yes, despite the radical difference in our skin tones, this girl is indeed my sister.

There were a ton of things out in the water that you could play on, and being the big kid that I am I took full advantage of the inflatable slides, the trampoline and the snorkel gear.

I had a blast playing in the ocean, and I'm glad I took advantage since it ended up being the only day that it was really warm enough to spend much time in the water. I also got a good workout swimming from item to item, so I felt a little less guilty about all of the desserts I kept eating o the ship! And let me tell you... jumping on a trampoline that is bouncing on ocean waves? Not so easy.

Once on the ship, we got to see a gorgeous sunset as we pulled away from the dock. It ended up being the only day that it wasn't too cloudy to see it.

We cleaned up and had another nice meal and entertainment before calling it a night. Playing in the ocean and the sun wears you out!


Mauri said...

looks like you had a blast!! i'm so jealous you were soaking up the sunshine while we were enduring the frigid cold here in middle tennessee! thanks for sharing pics!

Patience said...

Cozumel was my favorite place to visit. We did the rock climbing excursion and it was so much fun. L got attacked by a parrot when we were there.

Amy said...

ohhhhhh so fun! Ahhhh the ocean... I'm sooo jealous!

Looks like a great time! Can't wait to hear more about it!

Nicole said...

We were at the same place in Cozumel this spring! Its so neat to see the places you went were the same as mine!

The first cruise i went on we had terrible weather, but the cruise that u went on, we had beautiful weather EVERY day. Its just a gamble... one thing im not too fond of when cruising!

beautiful pics hun!

Quirky said...

Looks awesome! I'm glad you had a great trip. BTW, I love your swimsuit! Mucho gusto!

rinus said...

You and your sister looks beautiful.