Friday, January 29, 2010

Eating my Words

It hasn't happened since 2003... but we're actually getting a decent snow. I hardly believe it myself.

Tucker has been mesmerized with watching it come down. I realized that other than the dusting we got last year, he's never really seen snow coming down.

I ventured out to get my mail, and you could see where a few cars had been down my road. Pretty much everyone I know was sent home early from work, so I'm certain that over the next few hours the roads will pretty much empty out.

This is the view of my house after about 3 hours or so of the snow. It has yet to stop, and they say it's going to continue until after lunch tomorrow. Supposedly, we'll be getting around 7 inches.

It is pretty. And it's pretty exciting to see it since we NEVER get this kind of snow. I mean, obviously we do.... but it's very rare.

It's kind of ruining my plans for the weekend, so I'm a little displeased about that... but life goes on and I can reschedule for a few days from now when the roads clear up.

For now, Tucker and I are slowed in and planning on a quiet evening at the homestead as the snow continues to fall slowly and silently around us. Tomorrow? I'll probably have to go sledding. It doesn't matter that I'm almost 27 years old... this kind of snow brings out the kid in me.


Jocelyn said...

Go for a snowy run! That's always fun! :D

Nicole said...

YAY! Snow!!! U should go for a run- its much more fun in the snow! :) Its been snowing here again too... cold cold cold! Id rather it warm up and go away- i'm done!! :) stay warm!

rinus said...

Nice snow pics and in Holland it is snowing and cold.
Normal it snows 1 or 2 days in the winter, but now it is snowing and cold for more than 7 weeks!!.
So i run in the snow and hope not to fall.
Have a noce play time in the snow and a nice weekend.

J said...

Wow snow! That is crazy! I can't imagine a winter without snow!