Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last Day of Vacation

We woke up to some of the worst weather we saw all week on our Saturday at sea. The wind was terrible, and they weren't letting people up on the decks because of it. It was raining. And the waves were rough! I could feel the boat rocking a bit all week, but on this day it was so bad that you really couldn't walk in a straight line or keep your balance very well.

All of my family was struggling with it a bit and stayed in bed most of the day, but I don't have many issues with motion sickness so I spent the day entertaining myself.

First, I went to the towel demo and learned how to make towels into all sorts of animals. I had such a good time that I actually bought the book so that I can do it at home. I figured it'd be fun to make them to put on the bed when I have guests over or make them together with someone as a date night.

I went upstairs to get some ice cream and was able to take this photo that shows just how ugly it was outside.

This photo doesn't really do the waves justice, but it kind of shows how rough they were. The captain actually slowed the boat down because it was so bad, causing us to be 3 hours late getting into Tampa on Sunday morning.

I had some lunch and then went to take the kitchen tour. It was really interesting to see where they prepare all the meals and learn some interesting facts about how much food is on the ship, etc.

I also attended the farewell party and got to listen to another great band. Soon after, I got cleaned up and we all headed to dinner for the last time and then to the show.

None of us are really into gambling, but we put a couple of dollars into the penny machines. I was the only one who did kind of well on the slots when I walked away after turning $3 into $9.

We hung out and listened to some music until we finally went to bed and ended our vacation.

When we woke up in Tampa on Sunday morning, it was COLD. When we got back to Nashville, it was COLDER. Come to find out, it hadn't been above freezing all week. There had been an inch of snow. Most nights the temps were in the teens and the wind chill was below zero. This is very unusual for Nashville. Sure, maybe it was only in the 70s instead of the 90s where we were, but at least I was in a swim suit and flip flops most of the week and not freezing here in Nashville.


Nicole said...

:) sounds like a great week of vacation! bummer that the weather sucked... i hate that risk you take when crusing!

Alisa said...

The towel animals on cruises always crack me up!

purplepinkytoes said...

Ahh that looks like an awesome vacation!! I want to go on a cruise!