Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Racing Update

Well, I don't have to worry any more about trying to decide about the Shamrock Half or Full Marathon in March.

The half sold out, and my friend who offered to let me tag along decided that she wasn't going to go anymore.

Honestly? I'm good with this. I was really struggling to decide if I wanted to run a full this spring or not, and I kind of like having the decision made for me.

I've got two half marathons coming up as well as a 5K and 10K and my first triathlon. I feel like that's a decent bit to take on this spring, and I like the idea of taking it kind of easy for a little while.

So yay. It feels good to kind of know now what my spring season will look like!


Niki said...

Are you running the Country Music marathon or 1/2? I'm really considering it if I can come up with the funds! Its a pricey one!

Jocelyn said...

I'm glad it all worked out!
PS I am seriously considering doing the Goofy with you guys. That would be awesome to be down there with you.

Amy said...

This is just fate's way of telling you that can't miss my St. Patrick's Day Party. :)

Nicole said...

yay! i'm glad it worked out! i dont think i could handle a spring marathon either!!! xoxo

LPT said...

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