Saturday, January 16, 2010


This post is a little bit picture heavy, but this is in part due to the fact that we had terrific weather on Friday in Roatan AND we did some really fun stuff!

Unfortunately, my mom was sick and couldn't join us on the island this day. We got ready and left her with some medicine and food, and we met up with our tour guide for the day.

We went zip-lining! I've done some fun things in my life, and this definitely ranks up there as one of the most fun things I've done. It's comparable to white water rafting.

We got into the harnesses and headed out into the canopy where we got to do 12 different lines. It is SO super fun, and I was laughing most of the time. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

After we finished zip-lining, we got to visit some animals and hold them. Not only did we see several different birds (like the toucan in the picture below), we got to see monkeys just like the ones that were used on Friends for Marcel!

After we finished up with the animals, we went over to the beach. It had still been a bit cloudy, but as we hung out on the beach the clouds rolled away and the sun came out! Roatan was definitely the most beautiful place we visited.

Since it was sunny and warm, we spent the afternoon on deck reading, hanging out and listening to the band (three of our new friends were playing in it on the pool deck).

It was another dressy night at dinner, so we got all dolled up for our three-course meal and the show after. We hung out in the lobby again after the show with our new musician friends before going to bed with hopes of spending the next day by the pool.


Nicole said...

we went ziplining in roatan too! when we were there we had terrible weather and it rained the whole time! boo!!we were actually covered in mudd when we were done ziplining because of being in the jungle! haha

looks like you had lots of fun- i love all the pictures!!!

MrsCJ said...

How fun!! The pics look great!


rinus said...

COOL!!!, you fly whit your running shoe!.
Nice beach to relax.

KelsNotChels said...

MONKEY!!! I always wished I had a pet monkey back in the day. :D Looks like you had a blast!

Quirky said...

I've always wanted to do zip-lining! Of course, with Tony's fear of heights, we never do, but it's always looked like fun!

PS- when I saw the picture of the monkey, I instantly reverted back to the voice of some forgotten authority figure in my youth telling me that "Monkeys carry diseases". Which never really made sense to me since people carry diseases too and we still hang out with them.

Glad you enjoyed the trip!