Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Weather in TN

I want you to know about the paranoia that happens in Tennessee when the weather people start calling for snow.

Sometime LAST WEEK they started talking about how it'd probably snow on Thursday. Snow doesn't come to middle Tennessee very often, so it's been one of the main news stories for a week.

As Thursday grew closer, the forecast changed like 50 times with regards to what time it might hit. At one point it was after dinner on Thursday. At other points it wouldn't be hitting til Friday. Earlier today, they said lunchtime tomorrow. Last I heard, it's coming in the morning.

TDOT started putting brine on the roads like yesterday. They meeting up at 3am to start with the salt. They have plans to work through the weekend to keep the roads as clear as possible.

Every county in the middle TN area has closed school tomorrow. And we haven't had a spec of precipitation yet! (Although in 2003 they didn't want to close schools early when they weather people said snow would hit before schools got out, and then they closed too late and it took until like 10pm to get the kids home. People were mad. I can see why they're jumping the gun now.)

People were hitting up the stores to stock up on food.

The hardware stores are sold out of sleds (not that they had many anyways since we so rarely get enough snow to sled in).

Here's the thing. It's probably not going to happen. We might get a dusting or get some icy roads, but most people who are born and raised in TN have a "I'll believe it when I see it" mentality when it comes to snow. We rarely believe the weather people.

I might be eating my words tomorrow. If I am, I promise to share pictures.

Honestly? I'm kind of hoping it doesn't do anything. It would totally interfere with my weekend plans. :)


Chris said...

Nice perspective on Winter Warnings in Middle Tennessee, Melanie.

I stopped at Kroger on the way home last night to get some stuff to make chili for the weekend, and tons of people were there getting the 3 essentials of - bread, milk, beer. :)

Jocelyn said...

I love it! My parents live in NC and everyone freaks out down there too! We moved from WI so we laughed a lot at this

Niki said...

Exactly the same in Memphis. I think the whole city is shut down today. It is sleeting right now so we shall see how it goes from here!! They are talking about initiating a state of emergency on the news... a little too far in my opinion! Haha!

Jamie said...

Whenever I travel to southern states I always crack up at how the possibility of snow is such a huge deal! At the beginning of Jan. there was the possibility of snow in Atlanta and my flight was canceled a full 22 hours before take-off with nothing happening outside!

Although you must have gotten something small because my companies Brentwood office is closed for inclement weather :)

drphibes said...

As a near-lifelong Nashville resident I too assume that anytime they mention snow there's not a chance we'll see anything significant. Guess we were both wrong this time (but running in the snow was a lot of fun).