Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh yeah... I'm a Runner

Every now and then, I kind of forget that I actually started this as a running blog.

But when you haven't been running as much, it makes it hard to talk about running.

I have been working on getting back into the swing of things. I've actually only been running about twice a week since I got back from the cruise. This isn't ideal, but it's keeping me sane. I always find it hard to run this time of year, in part due to the crappy weather and in part due to having a busy fall training schedule. I like taking it easy a bit in the winter if possible. Since I'm not planning a spring marathon, I'm thrilled to be cutting back on the mileage.

I have been working in some spin classes and other workouts like the Shred DVD and random gym classes here and there, so I think that kind of makes up for not getting a third day of running in. Since I'm tentatively planning my first indoor triathlon in April, I feel like I need to be working in more biking and swimming.

I did get a nice 10-miler in with a friend on Tuesday. Parts of the path were still covered with snow, so that made it kind of interesting. It's much harder to run on! It definitely slowed me down a bit, but it was a nice little run full of good conversation. It felt good to log it.

I logged another 5 today when I did a 6x800m speed workout. I've definitely lost some speed, which is a bit disappointing but is to be expected after taking some time off running. I feel like I'm bouncing back quickly, so I don't mind.

My first half marathon on the year is next Saturday. I'm probably not really prepared, but I know I can cover the distance. I plan on just enjoying it and using it as good training to get ready for the half I'm doing in March. I'd really like to do well at it.

So I'm getting my groove back, but I'm also kind of taking it easy. It feels good. I've lost my holiday/cruise weight that I gained, and I feel my body shaping back up. Yay!


Jocelyn said...

Must be nice. This is the perfect time of year to take some time off and cut back on your running. Still you are getting great workouts in and some nice miles. 10? sweet! If I wasn't on a plan I don't think I'd be running that far!

Matt said...

You're not a runner.. You're not even doing the 16 miler this weekend :-P

rinus said...

Good news and have fun on your half marathon!.
Rinus. said...

I feel the exact same way! I've been super low key with my running and its so nice. I really think i'm going to look into the run less, run faster programs for any fall marathons i do- i seriously love biking and cross training! its such a great break from running!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Sounds like you are having fun though!

runningwithsass said...

I agree, it's so hard to run this time of year, come on spring!

Alissa said...

Just have fun running your half - that's what its about! Good luck, I look forward to hearing about it!