Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buns of Steel

Who needs to do lunges when you've got stairs?

So my office is on the third floor of the building.

The lady I do most of my work with is located on the second floor.

There is indeed an elevator... but I kind of have an irrational fear of elevators and won't get in one unless I really have to.

So stairs it is... and even though I think I'm in decent shape (not my best, but decent), these stairs are kicking my butt. And I kind of don't mind. It's nice to feel like I'm getting a little workout while at work. And extra points on the days I wear heels.

And it's probably a good thing since I've been totally slacking on running. I HAVE to get more serious about it again after this week's half marathon. I'm hoping to use it as "a training run that will kick my butt back in gear."

Plus, I need to run it since I'll be attending what I think will be an awesome St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday night. Nothing like burning off a gob of calories to make room for new ones!

5 comments: said...

yay for taking the stairs!! :) :)

i hate elevators too! id rather get to the top and be out of breath than have taken the elevator!!!

miss you!

kilax said...

Good for you for taking the stairs. Stairs are such a hard-core workout. I still get out of breath going up the stairs in our house, and I run a few times a week! Maybe I should use the stair machine at work. Okay, okay, I could use the actual stairs too (I work on the 33rd floor though. I am definitely taking the elevator in the morning!)

emily said...

my freshman year i worked on the 10th floor of a building and forced myslef to take the stairs everydayy!! it felt soo good rather than taking the good for you!!!!!! :)

Keri said...

I love taking the stairs instead of the elevator. My house is a two story and our bedroom is upstairs. I walk up and down those stairs about a million times a day. It is good for the booty!

Quirky said...

Make an extra circuit for me. My buns need more steel and less chips and queso.