Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gut Feelings

I'd love to get some opinions on this, so if you have one please comment or email me.

What do you all think about gut feelings? Do you think they're usually pretty right? Is it silly to pay any attention to them? How much attention to you pay to them?

I usually think my gut feelings are pretty spot on. I suppose another way of thinking of it is that maybe I am just sometimes fairly intuitive? I'm not sure, but I do know sometimes I just get these feelings that something is either right or wrong.

A lot of times I might feel something, but then I sleep on it and realize in the morning that what I felt was way wrong. So then I feel like what I'm feeling in the morning is my gut feeling, and what I was feeling the night before was just something I was forcing myself to feel.

I'm sure this might be confusing. Let me offer an example. I might decide at the end of the day that the next day I'm doing to do something specific. I think it's a great idea and will go well. But then I wake up in the morning and I just know that I shouldn't do that something... it's like I just get this terrible feeling that it'd be the wrong thing to do.

It can work the other way, too. I might still feel like it's a good idea in the morning, and possibly for more mornings afterwards. So then I get this feeling that it's ok to move forward with doing whatever it is I was thinking about...

I know for a fact and am willing to admit that I am capable of overanalyzing things like crazy. Don't worry - I'm aware of it, it drives me nuts and it's something I'm constantly trying to work on improving. My biggest concern when I link my overanalyzing to my gut feelings is that I end up thinking way too much about the gut feelings instead of just letting myself go with my gut.

I know I'm being so all over the place with this, but I'd love to know what other people think about gut feelings.

Do you think it's generally ok to listen to them if you are consistently feeling the same thing over and over, or do you think you should spend a lot of time thinking about them. Maybe you have a gut feeling to do something that seems a little unusual from how you normally do things... it'd be easy to sit and think it over and over and come up with a million reasons why you shouldn't pay any attention to this feeling.

Should you let yourself think about it a ton, or should you just go with your gut? Especially when you know that most of the time, your gut is right?

Don't worry... I'm not actually thinking about doing anything crazy or anything like that! :) I just have been wondering about whether or not other people find themselves considering their gut feelings like I do sometimes. I always wonder if I'm like the only person who does something or not.


Marathon Maritza said...

Yup. Gut. 100% of the time. To me, my gut is my true self, knowing exactly what's good for me.

Running and living said...

Gut feelings are mostly unhelpful and incorrect. For ex., when down, the gut feelings are going to be more negative, when anxious, are going to be about safety, etc. Also, the mind remembers only the situations when you were correct when trusting your gut, and does forget about the many when you were incorrect. I think analytical thinking and probabilities are the way to go, even though it does not sounds as "romantic" as "intuition" or other nowadays popular psychology words.

courtney said...

I think it's definitely important to consider those feelings, but also do your best to be as realistic about the outcome of acting on them as possible. I've been burned by my guts feelings, and wonderful things have happened because of them. However... I'm still an advocate of acting on them... because you can't help how you feel and if you don't act on how you feel, no matter how it turns out or might have turned out, you'll always wonder what might have happened if you'd just done what you felt was right.

The gut feelings I find most reliable are the ones I reconsider while sitting in a church on Sunday morning, even if I'm much too distracted by my own problems to actually pay attention. I'm almost always right then, and usually I'm getting an answer I don't like and I decide to be stubborn about it and do what I want anyway... and it never works out. :) But if I'm honest with myself in those moments, the ones where I just KNOW that something might not be what I WANT but is what's RIGHT... well... life gets a little easier. said...

Go with your gut sista! It usually is dead on! Love you!

Jon said...

I guess when a good opportunity pops up and I am unsure but my gut says, "Go for it!" and there is some sense of regret involved for not taking the opportunity, then yes, I listen to my gut.

These are opportunities such as life experiencing trips, jobs, school, etc...NOT buying cars, bikes, or anything extravagant. You know, responsible things ;)

nashvilleben said...

i think gut feelings tell more than sometimes we are willing to accept. i like to follow my gut.

aaaand constantly remind yourself that it's okay to make mistakes. mistakes ARE okay. they are helpful. it's okay to follow your gut and it be wrong.

sometimes are mistakes help us grow more than our right choices. just my opinion, because i think we beat ourselves up and overanalyze too much sometimes.