Thursday, March 18, 2010


I can't believe it's come to this.

I was casually chit chatting with a couple of awesome gals at my new job, just trying to connect and get to know them better while I was already in their office with some work stuff.

The subject of dating came up. While both of these girls are married, they both know exactly what I meant when I said how frustrating it can be to try to find good guys. We talked about how as you get older, you find yourself feeling pretty open-minded about how to meet new people... and I said that I'm not really opposed to the occasional set-up through friends.

A bit later, one of them emailed me to tell me she had thought of someone.

We went back and forth for a bit with some details and everything...

And it hit me.

I had met this guy before. In fact, someone else had set me up with him like two years ago! (We had coffee, he was nice, but I think we were mutually not interested in anything more.)

How can this be happening?

There are over one million people in Nashville. I have to believe that a decent number of those people are single men in my age group. How is it that it's come back around that I'm being set up with guys I've already been set up with? (And it's hard not to wonder how it is that two years later, we're both still single... (***crickets chirping***)

Anyways, I don't even really date all that much. Maybe a handful of guys per year, and that's counting the ones I might only go out with once. There HAVE to be more available men in Nashville than this!

Of course, I just had to laugh. It's bizarre and random, and what were the odds?

I also thought of the How I Met Your Mother episode where Ted goes out on a blind date and neither of them realize until WAY into the date that they'd been on a blind date together years earlier. So I'm just glad I realized it before they actually went through with setting it up!


Getting My Words Out said...

Think about this....are you still the same person you were when you went out with this guy before?? I'm sure you aren't, so don't think he is either. There's no harm at all in going out with the guy least you know you have something to talk about!

Matt said...

Ha.. Sometimes you just have to laugh at life.

Or is it a sign... (kidding).

I was thinking before reading the last paragraph that the situation sounded sitcom-y. I guess it is.

d.a.r. said...

Hahah, that is crazy!

Or um, maybe a sign?

Keri said...

This is too funny! It kind of reminds me of a Sex in the City episode!

Maybe it is fate?

TiffanyClark said...

So I came across your page from chicrunner's blog and I noticed you live in Nashville! So do I! Are you running the Music City Half? This will be my first half-marathon. Just thought it was neat to find a runner blogging from Nashville! My blog is said...

Yeah... thats a sign if you ask me!

Laura said...

HA! Love that this happened to you so recently. Last weekend, I went out with my friends and their friends... and one of them was a guy I met on an online dating site, went on one date with, and never called back. I was so embarrassed to see him again!

I agree with everyone else though - could be fate!