Sunday, March 28, 2010

A :) Weekend

I totally made up for not running hills for the past four months on Saturday morning.

Matt and I headed out to the Percy Warner 11.2 mile loop. We both went into it admitting that it was ok if we took it a bit easy. I was even prepared to walk some of the bigger hills since it had been so long since the last time I ran any hills.

The day was sunny. I think it was in the 50s at that time of day. Gorgeous. We chatted and caught up as we ran among the trees. The birds were chirping. We saw an owl. And we ran the entire time.

I also ran into another friend as I was getting ready to leave, and that's always fun.

I had an absolutely lovely Saturday afternoon enjoying good food and some time outdoors with with good company. I learned how to swing a golf club and hit a golf ball on the driving range for the first time ever. It was actually really fun, although I totally missed half the time and had to laugh at myself a ton.

The weather turned rainy last night, so I opted to stay in today and do some more packing. I got my entire kitchen packed up. It might seem a bit early to have done this since I don't actually have a move in date yet, but I figured I rarely eat here anyways and can totally make do with paper products the couple of times I do between now and then. It feels good to see more and more packed up. I've also started quite the yard sale pile.

My bedroom and bathroom are really the only things left to pack. A lot of it will have to wait until closer to time, but I'm definitely planning on going through everything so I can figure out what I want to put in the yard sale. I don't want to move anything that I don't want.

It feels good to be productive. It feels good to already be packing so much so that I won't have to be rushed to do it later.


Love to Run said...

Hey Melanie,

Glad to hear you had a good run. Is Percy Warner Park the place they have the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon? A friend and I are contemplating coming down to try that one even though it sounds rediculously hard.

Marathon Maritza said...

Yay, so glad you had a great run and an awesome weekend! Happy packing!