Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Case of the Friendlies

I typically try to get out of the office every day for my lunch hour. I know that I'll benefit from the break of being around, and no one there can call or email and interrupt my hour of non-work time if I'm not in the building.

I bounce around a few places for lunch, and I have to admit that every now and then I hit up the local Krystal. For anyone not familiar with Krystal, it's similar to White Castle, but it's way better. If you don't know about either one, then I'm not sure what to compare it to... basically they serve tiny square hamburgers.

It's kind of not at all healthy, but it was a fast food place that my grandparents loved. I remember that we'd go with them when I was little, and back then we had to drive about 20 minutes down the road to go to one. I suppose that I grew up eating them from time to time, so I still crave them from time to time. (Most people can't believe I'll eat them sober since Krystal is known for being your typical place to grab food late after a night of drinking.)

The Krystal near my office is kind of the best Krystal I've ever eaten in. The fries are always hot and yummy. The cheeseburgers are usually just the way I like them. They have excellent sweet tea.

I went there today and had my little value meal and spent most of the hour sitting there reading a book. When I decided to leave, I got my refill and as I headed out was wished a nice day by everyone behind the counter. I smiled and returned the well wishes and was actually thinking about how much I like how friendly people in the South can be and how it really does lift you up a bit when someone just wishes you a good day.

As I walked across the little parking lot to my car, I heard another voice start talking. The manager had opened up the drive through window so that he could lean out and also wish me a good day! I returned it, and I couldn't help but smile as I got back in my car. It's honestly the first time that someone has made THAT much effort to just wish me a nice day in quite a while.

Just a random southern story that I thought I'd share.

On that note, I'm wishing you all a wonderful day!


d.a.r. said...

I think my grandparents are the reason for my love/infatuation with McDonalds. My grandfather worked for corporate until he retired, so I was raised on happy meals :)

Cute story!

Love to Run said...

You have me smiling now. And have another wonderful day right back at you!

runnernic.com said...

i have a sick addiction to french fries and chicken nuggets.... jus sayin :)