Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cross Country Shirts Have the Best Quotes

While cleaning out a drawer full of all sorts of old papers and cards (seriously, I had cards from numerous birthdays, Christmases and both my high school and college graduations), I found a little gem.

I remember where it came from... I saw it on someone else's cross country t-shirt when I was in high school, and I pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote it down.

"Some people think it's all about pain, misery and despair, which are not to be forgotten. But it's about the pleasure. I mean, I'm not stupid. At least not that stupid."

It totally made me smile. I think that's the beautiful thing about runners. It IS about the pain, misery and despair sometimes, but it's so much more about the pleasure that running brings to us... even if it is a little stupid sometimes.

Meanwhile, I kept cards with special notes... but I definitely trashed a ton that I got where people just signed their names. Why hang on to all of those? It continues to feel good to consolidate my stuff.

I sincerely apologize that I have hardly been commenting on your blogs. I promise I'm keeping up and reading, but that's about all I have time to do right now. Keep writing, and I'll show back up in your comments soon!


Quirky said...

You're right...that is a good quote, and one that I might just steal for myself. said...

I love XC quotes from back in the day too! I'll have to whip out all my old shirts and do a post about this too! What a great idea sweetie! MISSED YOU!!!!!!