Sunday, April 18, 2010

Enjoying What Nashville Has to Offer

One of the things that I've been trying to do more often is to be a tourist in my own city. I love Nashville, but it's almost crazy how many things I haven't done here yet. In fact, many of the items on my 101 in 1001 list are local Nashville things that I've always wanted to do. Granted, some of them I wouldn't have done as kid growing up here anyways, but still...

When a friend called me last week and told me she had free tickets to see the Nashville Symphony on Thursday night, I had to take her up on the offer. I'll admit - even though I enjoy live music and have an appreciation for the fine arts, the symphony isn't typically my cup of tea. Nonetheless, I've been wanting to see a show in the new Schermerhorn Symphony Center because I've heard it's beautiful and has amazing acoustics.

It turned out that I made a great decision. Not only was she given tickets with a high ticket value, they were also for pretty great box seats. The show that night was part of a pop series that they are doing, and it featured bluegrass.

Now here's the thing folks... I'm not typically a bluegrass kind of girl. I like some of it here and there. Nickelcreek and Allison Krauss have the kind of bluegrass sound that I can get into as opposed to the more hillbilly sound that I don't like as well.

The symphony played a few songs that were actually really cool, and before intermission they even played "Rocky Top." Growing up in Tennessee, I definitely know this song... but I have never heard a symphony play it before. Totally cool.

After intermission, a bluegrass band I had never heard of called Cherryholmes performed. I loved every minute. I even found myself thinking that a lot of their stuff would be really awesome to listen to when I'm running. Much of it was very upbeat, and the fiddle and banjo really added to it. And boy, could some of them sing! We even were treated to a little clogging on one of the songs.

I've never heard a symphony backing up a bluegrass group before, and I definitely have never found a bluegrass band I enjoyed so much... but it was definitely awesome stuff to check out.

I went home feeling really satisfied. I heard some good music and found a deeper appreciation for bluegrass. I finally saw something in the new symphony building. I had an experience that was definitely unique in some ways to Nashville. I got to catch up with a good friend. And I only spent money on parking. Sweet.

2 comments: said...

Sounds like a great city with lots of stuff to do!!! Im putting it on my check list of cities to visit!!! :) cant wait to see you in 18 days!!!!!!!!!!

Keri said...

I went to the Nashville Symphony and saw LeAnn Rimes a few years ago. It was wonderful! I am not a symphony girl either, but I had a great time. Glad you were able to enjoy it!