Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

I had a really fun weekend.

I'll spare you all the nitty gritty details... they're not that exciting all written out. But there was good company, good food, volunteering at a local 5K, watching movies, and watching LOST.

I'm not going to get all into it, but I'm really sad to see LOST end. In my opinion, it's the smartest and most creative thing that's been on tv in ages. Quite honestly, I think we live in a time where people don't want to have to think. Thus, lots of silly reality tv. What I loved most about LOST is that you had to pay attention. You had to piece things together. You had to question. You had to be challenged. I think this was incredibly well-written, and so far I think I'm one of the few people I know who is genuinely satisfied with the ending. Sure, I still have some questions - but I think that's because some of the details of the past 6 seasons are fuzzy. I really need to watch the show from start to finish in a shorter span of time than 6 years.

On a completely different note, I was sitting in church on Sunday morning (one I was visiting for the first time) and it wasn't until the end of the service when I realized that Amy Grant and Vince Gill were two rows ahead of me. And then on the way out I spotted Big Kenny from Big and Rich (someone I've even met at a benefit and have my picture with). As we were leaving in the parking lot, we had to slow down to let a man walk in front of us.

"Don't run over Vince Gill," I said out loud. We had a good laugh. Seeing famous people in Nashville is kind of exciting, but at the same time it's just not a big deal. They get out and do things like take their kids to church on Sunday morning, and then wave at you for stopping to let them walk by. I love how normal celebrities are here.

One thing I didn't do this weekend was run. This is probably not wise since I'm training for a marathon, but I'm going to attempt to make up for it tomorrow and then get my butt back in hear this weekend. Here's to hoping that the heat that just turned up (record high yesterday of 91!!!) will not put a damper on my training for San Francisco.

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d.a.r. said...

I have yet to see the finale, but I could not agree with you more on Lost. It really is the best show out there! I am so sad to see it end.