Monday, June 7, 2010

Crazy Saturday

On Saturday, I ran 16 miles.

In case that in itself wasn't challenging enough, I did it on about 4 hours of sleep. (Crazy, I know, but I couldn't get myself to bed at a reasonable hour before my 6am alarm).

Oh, and it was freaking hot... an added challenge that I'm going to have to get used to. My pal Matt and I ran the whole 16 together, and Bob joined us for the first 8. Bob had the right idea. By the time we were running the last few miles, it had reached 85 degrees. We had to take a couple of walk breaks to fend off some dizziness and stomach issues since we're not used to running in this kind of heat just yet, but we finished around 2:53ish. With an average of a 10:50 pace, I'll take it in this heat!

I know I've got many more hot runs ahead of me, but the hardest part is always these first few when I'm still getting acclimated to the heat.

I spent the rest of the morning/afternoon sitting outside at the yard sale I was doing with my parents. I attempted to take a quick nap, but I was never really able to fall asleep.

Then, I was off to my running pal Andrea's wedding. I was excited to share in her special day, but I was definitely exhausted by the time I drove home.

I can't say that I recommend trying to cram so much into one day, but sometimes you just do what you've gotta do to get it all done. Not surprisingly, I crashed hard as soon as I hit the pillow at 11pm, and I didn't wake up until 9:30 the next morning. And then I still crashed hard again last night. Sometimes I forget how draining these runs can be!

All in all, I'm feeling a bit more confident about my preparation for San Francisco. I've still got to make sure I stay on top of the training in the weeks to come, but now that I got a solid long run under my belt I feel more sure that I'll be able to go the distance on race day.

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Love to Run said...

In a funny, odd way, I like being exhausted after a nice long run and then having all sorts of stuff to do the rest of the day. Sometimes the activity will help the muscles feel less painful. But inside, I feel more in shape knowing the average person would be flat on the floor motionless and yet we are still movin' and groovin'

Awesome long run in the heat.