Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Race Report: River Bank Run 25K

Ok, so I know I'm a month late, but I promised you a race report of the River Bank Run 25K in Grand Rapids, MI that I ran on May 8th with Nicole, Maritza and Tara. Better late than never, yes?

On that Friday, I flew up to Grand Rapids where it was cold from Nashville where it was warm. Ew. And my flight was delayed. Double ew. But I finally made it and got some pizza in me before we headed to the lakehouse. I was exhausted from a busy week, so I know I crashed hard that night. Like 5 hours later, the alarm went off and we got ready to head to the race.

When we walked outside, it was kind of rainy and really windy. I was not happy. We all know that historically I run better in cooler and messier weather, but I had been enjoying a lovely spring in Nashville. It's no fun to go back to cooler temps so soon.

We had some time once we got parked so we hung out in the car as long as possible. Then we moved to hanging out in a hotel as long as possible. This was key to our sanity I believe.

When we walked outside to the start line, I swear it was spitting snow. On May 8th. Soon enough, we were off and running. It ended up that Maritza and I were comfortable running about the same pace. As the miles went by, I was really glad to have her by my side. Even if we weren't talking, her presence really helped me to keep going when I really didn't want to do so.

We managed to run pretty even split for a while, and even when we slowed down in the later miles it wasn't by much. We finished in 2:36... a time I was incredibly happy with considering the longest I had run since November was 13.1 and this was 15.5.

The race was pretty fun even if I was kind of cold most of the time. Most of it is along the bank of the river (thus the name). It actually reminded me a lot of Tennessee so the scenery wasn't all that different to me, but it was still a really pretty run. They had a lot of water/gatorade stops, so I give them major props for that. It made me a happy girl. And the medals were really cool! All in all, I was really glad I got the chance to go run this race. When else would I ever run in Michigan?

After the race, we decided to eat at Big Boy's. I think this is very much like the Shoney's that we have here in TN. I had a huge order of bacon and pancakes that made my day! Maritza and I made sure to get a picture with Big Boy on the way out.

I took a much needed nap and then enjoyed hanging out with the girls that afternoon. We went to dinner at this really awesome pub and had good drinks and good food.

I have to admit to being a tiny bit of a party pooper. I was absolutely worn out (in part from the race and in part from how hectic my life had been in the week or so before the trip) so I headed to bed while the other gals stayed up.

The next day we were able to have lunch together and do a little shopping before I had to head home.

I think the below photo kind of express how I felt about the cooler weather.

Even though the weather wasn't nice enough to go out on the lake, we were able to get a few pictures.

All in all, it was a really fun weekend and an excellent race. Even though I was kind of worn out while I was there, I really had a blast. These girls are every bit as awesome as they seem on their blogs, and I'm thankful I had the opportunity to get to know them better in person!

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runnernic.com said...

awwwww!!! so fun having you here!!! i'm glad you enjoyed yourself! you are welcome back any time you wish!! its HOT here now... much better... actually maybe its TOO hot! lol! miss you!