Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Recent Conversational Exchange

Me: "I haven't really been blogging all that much lately."

Him: "That's all my fault, isn't it?"

I realized it was kind of true.

I apologize to you, my loyal readers, that I haven't been all that loyal about blogging lately. It's not just because I find myself spending a lot of time both in person and on the phone with a certain gentleman who shall not be named for the time being (seriously, I'm determined to stick to my "no posting for a while about dating rule" as best I can for a while longer). Consequently, I'm spending less time playing around on the internet. (Don't worry... I DO still read your blogs and find myself enlightened and entertained by them. I just don't have the extra time to comment.)

I consider this blog to be predominately based on running. Honestly? My running has kind of still been slacking. I need to start getting myself in a better groove since I'm running a marathon in less than 2 months (that could end up being a bad idea, but hey... I'm running it for fun and not for a PR, so surely I can get myself from half marathon shape to get-across-the-finish-line-no-matter-how-long-it-takes-marathon shape.)

It's also getting hot here. It takes me some time to adjust to all that nonsense every year when it attacks. I say attacks because it doesn't gradually get hot. One day it's snowing, then you realize it's pleasant to be outside in a t-shirt, and BAM! It's 90 degrees and you start sweating the second you walk outside because of the humidity.

I logged a very warm and hilly 10-miler this past Saturday and managed to get a light 4 miles in yesterday. I probably should work in another short run, but as long as I get a long run of 15 miles or so this weekend, I think I'll have myself on track. I have GOT to get serious about my training and find a way to work it into my schedule.

It doesn't help that I'm having a big yard sale this weekend (if you live in the Nashville area and want to come to it, let me know and I'll send ya the details!) and trying to finish getting rid of stuff so that I can finish packing. I do move in a few weeks after all.

So yeah... there's a lot going on in my life, and it's caused my running and my blogging to be a little bit less of a priority. But I'm working on getting back into running, so I expect blogging to soon follow. Hang in there with me... I've got a lot more in me to share with you all.

3 comments: said...

i've been slacking too! tis the season!

Jocelyn said...

Its hot and gross outside so its awesome that you are still longing those miles! :) Thats all that really matters. I started to date someone and thus resulted in my lagging in reading and writing blogs. Its happens

Keri said...

I have totally been slacking on running. The heat and humidity just showed up here too!

Have fun at the yard sale!