Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Catching up with the Internet

I'm all for the occasional break from the internet. I like taking a break from time to time to not worry about blogs or email or Facebook... for example, I spent 2 days with my friends and the boy at the lake this weekend. The internet was the last thing on my mind while we were outhaving one of the most fun summer weekends I've ever had.

Nonetheless, I'm thankful today to have internet at my new apartment.

While I was away from the blogging world, you guys have put up well over 300 posts. You'll have to forgive me, but I'm probably going to have to give them a little "mark all as read" action and start fresh.

I got moved, thanks to the help of my parents, the boy and some awesome friends. My mom really helped me a ton when we spent 2 days straight powering through unpacking and decorating and running errands to get things I need. My little apartment feels like a home now. The only thing I still need to do is find a new coffee table and put up some curtains in the living room. I'll share some pictures soon.

Tucker didn't handle the move as well as I had hoped. Our first night seemed to be going just fine, but once I went to bed he spent close to four hours pacing and meowing. I was miserable. Since I was going to be away this weekend, I ended up taking him back to my parent's house for a few more days because it didn't seem right to leave him alone for days in a new place when the first night was so rough. We tried again this week, and while he still seems a bit uneasy it's going MUCH better.

I'm glad to finally be feeling settled. I took care of my YMCA membership and went over for my first run there last night. It feels good to be in Nashville, and I think finding a routine out here will come quite easily.

Of course, I'm heading out next week to San Francisco for girl's weekend and a marathon (that I have been too busy to train for properly, but hey... we're going to do it anyways.)

Life is good. I have a lot to smile about these days, and I'm feeling like a very blessed girl.

Expect more frequent posting now that my life is feeling a bit more "normal." I know I'll come back with some stories from my trip next weekend!

To all you San Francisco readers, let me know if you're going to be around for the race expo or race. I'd love to see some of your smiling faces in person!

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Quirky said...

There's a cat pheromone called Feliway that is supposed to mellow kitties out. It comes in a spray bottle or room diffuser, and helps with stressful situations like new places or traveling or going to the vet. (We use it for new places, or when a new kitty joins the herd). If Tucker still has trouble adjusting, you may want to pick some up at PetSmart. Congrats on getting settled!