Thursday, July 15, 2010

Celebrity Sighting

I've seen celebrities before. There was the time I was a kid and we saw Reba McIntire with her kids in the Disney Store at Green Hills Mall. There was the time I saw all 3 guys from Rascal Flatts eating at the Logan's Roadhouse in Smyrna (this was before they became well-known). There was the time I was at a benefit dinner with William Baldwin, and I've met some Nashville musicians like Big Kenny and Heidi Newfield.

Nonetheless, I didn't actually live in Nashville when those took place. One of the things that I think makes someone a true Nashvillian is the random celebrity sighting, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd have my first one as an official Nashville resident.

I headed out last night to hit up both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods to stock up on some things. I'm thrilled to be living close enough to both stores to shop them regularly, though I'll probably spend more time at TJ's since they're a bit more affordable!

While in Whole Foods, I was checking out some items when I realized that inches away from me was Taylor Swift.

It kind of took me a second to put everything together, but sure enough, it was her. And a friend. And not so far away, a man who was trying to be discreet but was obviously her bodyguard.

I kind of tried to observe from afar as I continued checking some things out. No one approached her. She and her friend were laughing and talking as they picked items to put in the buggy. At the same time, I couldn't help but wonder... even though life in Nashville is pretty normal for our celebrities (no one was bombarding her, there were no paparazzi, etc.), does it not get old to always have a bodyguard lingering nearby?

Anyways, I can't say I really felt too phased by the whole ordeal. I called my sister, a huge Taylor Swift fan, and she was way more excited about it than I was... granted, if I ran into Bradley Cooper somewhere, I'd probably have to work a bit harder to keep my composure.

But still... it was kind of a fun experience, and one that I think comes along with living in Nashville.

I love this city for numerous reasons, but one of them is definitely that you just never know who you might see when you do something simple like run into Whole Foods for Larabars.


Jamie said...

very cool!

Jennifer said...

that is cool! I totally agree Mel, though my Nashville celebrity sightings are few, I had the same experience seeing Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in Blue Ridge Outdoors in Franklin, casually shopping for ski socks for their girls. They weren't being bombarded with fans and it was just so normal for them. It was neat to see that. I do have to say though, I would have freaked just a bit seeing Taylor Swift :) said...

super cool mel!!!